On Which Factors Does The PRP Hair Restoration Cost Depend?

The hair restoration procedure is one of the most effective ways to fight hair loss and damage. Hair restoration procedures are fulfilling the requirement of long-term solutions as people of today want permanent solutions to all of their problems. Well, in terms of hair loss problems, you can fulfill that wish.
Hair restoration procedures are of many types. The one we will discuss is the PRP hair restoration procedure. There is much you need to know about this treatment. PRP hair restoration cost varies on some factors. These factors will be discussed later.

PRP hair restoration

PRP is a platelet-rich plasma therapy. The therapy helps people solve many skin and hair concerns. Though, we will talk about hair restoration using the PRP hair transplant procedure. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy uses smart PRP technology, which makes hair follicles grow stronger and healthier. It triggers the growth factors, which helps in doing so.

The procedure of Platelet-rich plasma therapy

It was not more than a decade ago that the procedure was used to treat sports injuries. But, later, the doctors researched the wonders this therapy can do, and now it is the most effective therapy of all. The procedure provides remarkable results. The surgeon will administer three injections. The session will go on for 3 months. The recovery time after this procedure is less. There are some aftercare steps that you will need to follow to enjoy full results. The procedure of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is as follows:

1. Draw blood

The doctor will tie a band tightly around your arm. This will make the blood vessels swell out. The doctor will inject the syringe and take out blood. Because the doctors use your blood, so you won’t get allergies or infections due to this procedure.

2. Separate the layers

The taken-out blood sample will be placed in a device. The device will spin it out so fast that all of the blood compounds or layers will get separated from each other. The name of device used for this purpose is known as a centrifuge.

3. Inject

The doctor will take out the platelet-rich plasma layer by using a syringe. Then this drawn layer will be injected into the donor site. The injections were placed in the style and direction that would cover the bald area. Soon, you will see new hair growth in these areas. The procedure triggers the growth of healthy hair follicles and also activates the growth of existing ones.

PRP hair restoration cost

PRP hair restoration cost varies on some factors; these factors are as follow;

1. The number of injections

How many injections will you need? The number of injections will increase or decrease the cost of this procedure. This factor will also affect your per-visit cost and per-session cost. More area means more injections, sessions, and visit costs.

2. Choice of doctor

The doctor you are choosing. A professional doctor will help you avoid unwanted circumstances and results. He will do his best to meet your expectations. However, there are some limitations to doing so. A professional doctor will not make fake promises and tell you exactly to which extent the procedure can help you. That is why a professional doctor costs more than some inexperienced and less popular ones.

3. Choice of the clinic

Popular clinics will charge more than regular clinics. They make sure to provide you with first-class treatment and an environment. That is why they charge you more. Moreover, clinics in big cities charge more for these procedures.


PRP hair restoration procedure is one of the most popular ways to combat hair loss and its thinning. The treatment works in 3 simple steps and uses a special machine, which is called a centrifuge. The PRP hair restoration cost depends on how much bald area you want to get covered; more area will mean more injections, sessions, and doctor fees per visit. Moreover, the choice of your doctor and clinic will also affect its cost.

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