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Debunking Common Myths About Plastic Surgery

Despite the advancements in the field of plastic surgery, there are still numerous myths attached to it. Let it be newer procedures like ULTHERAPY, VelaShape 3 or older ones like liposuction or breast augmentation, some false information is attached to all of them. This misinformation prohibits a lot of people to undergo procedures that can actually benefit them.

Today we’re going to uncover the truth by debunking some of the most common myths about cosmetic procedures. Read on to get your facts straight!

1.Plastic Surgery should be done at an older age”

There’s a common misconception that one should undergo plastic surgery at an older age. This is untrue. Aesthetic experts are of the opinion that getting cosmetic surgery at younger ages produces far better results.

Getting your face done at older ages is more detectable and prominent than undergoing procedures at a younger age. Because of this reason, many experts who specialise in rhinoplasty in Dubai suggest getting it at a younger age.

2. “Aesthetics is Only for the Rich & Affluent”

It was generally believed that cosmetic procedures are too expensive so only the elite can afford them. However, as per the stats by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the majority of people undergoing plastic surgery belong to the middle class. A similar trend can be seen in the Middle East region as well. The majority of people who visit Dubai Ultherapy centres aren’t rich or elite, most of them are salaried personnel.

3. Cosmetic Procedures are Only for Women”

It is a general misconception that cosmetic surgery is only for women. Whereas, the truth is entirely different. As per stats, more than 15% of the cosmetic procedures are carried out on men every year. This number is continuously increasing with every passing year as the societal taboos are breaking and people are becoming more open regarding their preferences.

Now men are quite open, vocal and concerned about how they look. And to look better, they’re willing to try anything. As a result, you’ll see more men in their 40s and 50s opting for Botox than before.

4. “Aesthetic Procedures are for the Vain”  

People used to believe that cosmetic surgery is for the narcissist or self-obsessed. However, surveys have revealed that people who have undergone cosmetic procedures such as Coolsculpting or rhinoplasty report a massive increase in their selfconfidence.

Simply put, plastic surgery doesn’t add years to your life rather it adds life to your years. After undergoing plastic surgery, people regain their lost confidence and self-esteem thus increasing the quality of their life.

5. “Recovering from Plastic Surgery Requires a lot of Time”

Most of the aesthetic procedures, especially the non-invasive ones, require little or no downtime. Procedures like the injection of Botox, Coolsculpting and even many surgical techniques don’t require a lot of recovery time. Therefore, the myth that you need a lot of time to recover after plastic surgery isn’t true at all.

Even for many procedures, doctors don’t even give anaesthesia to the patients. After undergoing most procedures like these, the patient can return to their normal lives within a week or two.

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