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Do we have an idea that how many people in India die due to the obese and suffer from their overweight? It may sound like body shaming but it is not
We are here to educate people about the weight loss diet, but before moving further it is necessary to know the factual data on this serious concern. It is reported that 40% of the global population lies under the obese and overweight categories (2014). 2.8 million deaths were reported due to being overweight and carrying an inappropriate proportion of food choices. As per the ICMR-INDIAB reports, obesity varies from 11.8% to 31.3%. It is hard to mark the Indian population in the fit category due to its poor food choices. For that sake of reason, people hire personal dietitians to make themselves fit.

Indian Food Habits And Essential Nutrients

Indian food is dominated by rice, chapati, pulses, and a variety of vegetables. We focus more on consuming carbohydrates than vitamins, minerals, and protein. We do know how important other vitamins, minerals, and proteins are! and in what quantity for multidisciplinary development.

What do carbohydrates do? – Carbohydrates are the food nutrients that get broken into glucose to give energy to the body. It simply enables the body to do physical activity. Carbs include Sugar, Fibre, and Starches, and these are essential food nutrients. There is a rumor that you can lose weight by cutting essential nutrient intake.

What does Protein do? – This is a nutrient that helps to grow the body and repair the cells. It helps in the better functioning of the body. It is found that protein helps in strengthening body movements. Due to the shortage of these essential nutrients, you can be exposed to severe diseases such as Tuberculosis, Muscle shrinkage, slow body growth in children, etc.

What do Vitamins and Minerals do? – These vitamins and minerals help in boosting immunity and play a milestone role in the growth of the body. It also helps in the cleanliness of the body. These are essential to maintaining the body’s health.

Above we go through with a quick summary of the essential nutrients although all of them have a significant role. Their intakes depend on age, weight, and medical conditions, hence you can type for the best nutritionist near me for good health tips. To cope with the overweight we have to set an equilibrium among people. Those need to opt for the best dietitian who can guide them well.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

You need to follow enormous steps while making a diet plan. It may differ from person to person due to medical conditions, age, and weight, however, you can take a good customized idea for a diet plan or you can take the service of an online dietitian.

Exclude Deep Fried Food – When you will be dieting you need to completely avoid deep fry food, especially junk food because it consists of bad fat. By eating these sorts of things it will be hard to burn calories.

Exercise And Diet Go Hand-In-Hand – Doing exercise is mandatory to lose weight, there is a science behind that like if you do exercise or physical activity, you will burn calories. It stimulates better blood flow and keeps the digestive system strong.

For example, when you do physical activities you burn the calories which are stored in the body. By practicing this your body will answer you in a good manner.

  • Prevent Cardiovascular disease
  • Maintain the healthy wait
  • Good Diet to Follow

To know better about nutrition you can go with FITFEAST, it will provide you with the pieces of knowledge of nutrition intake.

Don’t Skip Meals – It is a myth that by skipping a one-time meal you will reduce weight as it has a reverse bad impact on your body. By skipping a meal you are unconsciously reducing the intake of protein and vitamins, minerals which are essential for the body. You can replace the food but not skip it.
Nutritionist reported that when you skip a meal you get more hungry, and on the next sitting you eat much. Hence instead of losing weight, you will gain it.

Follow A Food Diet Chart – To keep a check and balance on your diet, you need to make a diet chart. You have to consider a dietitian, hence, you can type the best dietitian near me who can assist you better.

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