What International Students Can Do in Newcastle for Their Mental Wellbeing

Newcastle a.k.a. Newcastle upon Tyne, is a popular city in England located on the northern bank of River Tyne. This city attracts a large number of people from throughout the world. Some people come here for tourism purposes. On the other hand, some individuals visit here to get higher education and find student accommodation Newcastle.

Many students from around the world can be seen in Newcastle to do their graduations and post-graduations. Many others come here for doing some diploma or certificate courses. Students who visit Newcastle to stay for three or four years need to give attention to several aspects of their well-being. Mental well-being is one of the necessary aspects to give attention to without any doubt.

There are a few things that you can do as an international student for your mental well-being.

Work for Your Physical Fitness

Physical fitness impacts directly your mental well-being. It reduces depression, anxiety, and negative mood. So, you should work for your physical fitness for your mental well-being.

You can start some exercises from your student rooms. Besides, some student accommodation complexes in Newcastle also have in-house gyms. Some others may have gyms in a nearby area. So, if you find a gym in or near the complex of your student accommodation Newcastle, you can also visit there for the workouts.

Spend Some Time with Nature

It is a scientifically proven fact that spending some time with nature is one of the best ways to achieve mental well-being. You get a feeling of calmness and many of the adversities of your mind are washed if you spend some time with nature.

You may find a garden in some of the accommodation complexes in Newcastle. You can start from there. Besides, you can also find a number of nature destinations in Newcastle upon Tyne that you can visit. You can find national parks, green spaces, waterfalls, etc. in Newcastle. River Tyne should never be forgotten when talking about nature destinations in Newcastle.

Watch Pictures and Videos with Nature Scenes

Sometimes, you may not find enough time to visit nature destinations due to busyness. In that case, you can watch nature pics and videos, which can provide you with a great feel and can positively impact your mental well-being. Of course, these pictures and videos cannot compete with the actual nature scenes but still, they can help you in getting out of many types of mental problems and staying mentally healthy.

You can find a number of such pictures and videos on the internet today. On video hosting websites like YouTube, you can find visuals on nature with music.

Do Meditation


Meditation is one of the best practices for mental well-being. Many medical practitioners also prefer meditation to stay away from mental problems. So, you can do meditation also.

There are different types of meditations prevalent today in the world. Some examples include breathing meditation, mantra meditation, transcendental meditation, music meditation, and more. If you are unable to understand how to do it then you can learn it from the nearby meditation centers in Newcastle or from your classmates or co-residents who know it.

Besides, you can simply play some meditational music on YouTube or any other website on the internet, close your eyes, and can do meditation.

Do Breathing Exercises

With the help of some breathing exercises also, you can attain mental well-being. You can simply start with deep breathing. You can also do the advanced exercises recommended by yoga practitioners. These yogic breathing exercises are known as “pranayama”.

Take a Sound Sleep

It is a simple yet most required thing to do by students in Newcastle. Sound sleep is not just an option it is necessary for everyone. You should take sleep from six to eight hours.

It is highly advised to students to sleep on time at night so that they could take sound sleep before going to college in the morning.

Play Sports

Playing Football
Playing Sports

Playing sports also puts a good effect on mental well-being. It also provides all the benefits stated in the above sections on mental health. Moreover, it also boosts your confidence. Playing sports is also good for physical fitness, which further puts a good impact on mental well-being.

Do Some Fun and Entertainment

Fun and entertainment also have a good impact on mental well-being. For fun, you can visit the games rooms of your accommodation and play the games like pool, foosball, and table tennis. Besides, you can have fun with your friends also in your college and accommodation complex. Sports, swimming, etc. are also the perfect sources of fun.

Besides, some accommodation complexes have in-house cinemas that you can visit for entertainment.

Final Words

By using these simple ways, you can have the perfect mental well-being while living in Newcastle.

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