5 Most Suitable Services Offered By The Urgent Care North Hills

Urgent care North Hills offers medical attention to patients suffering from minor injuries and ailments. The clinic is convenient, and if you do not have insurance, you do not need to worry because our services are affordable. At the urgent care clinic, we accept most insurance plans like kaiser and others.

If you are looking for the best place to get health care services, North Hills clinic is the best place to be. This clinic was established to cater to your needs regardless of what you are suffering from. The clinic caters to the requirements of all patients. The North Hills doctors do it in a caring and understanding way during the treatment. Other than this, they try to make your overall experience memorable. Keep reading to know more about the services offered by urgent care north hills.

Five Services Offered by the urgent care North Hills

1. Urgent Care Services

Our North Hills urgent care clinic doctors understand how busy you are. That is why you are dedicated to offering your critical care services. Acute care medicines provide quick medical care services to outpatients. The services provided at these facilities typically include prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic ailments. Medical staff found at North Hills urgent care clinic includes physicians and sometimes nurse-physician assistants. These staff can request imaging and lab tests which typically include x-rays. These services help offer the correct diagnosis, enabling doctors to come up with the right treatment plans.

2. Primary Care Services

Suppose you want primary care, you can always count on North Hills urgent care clinic. The clinic can perform several procedures, treatment, and diagnosis services. This service is a medical responsibility taken by the North Hills clinic physicians to offer accessible and integrated health care services. Primary care is critical because the primary care physician walks with you in your health journey. Therefore, they are better placed to know your health care requirements on the ongoing changes in your body.

3. Pap Smear Services

Urgent care North Hills clinic offers gynecologist services and pap smears. Getting a pap smear test is a lifesaver. The tests allow the doctors to detect any abnormal cervical cells resulting in cervical cancer, a deadly disease. The test is reproductive system care performed typically for preventive purposes. These tests usually work to detect any abnormal cervical cells in your cervix. Your gynecologist will collect these cervical cells and screen them for cervical cancer.

During these tests, your doctor will also check for human papillomavirus (HPV). Suppose the outcome of these tests comes out positive; this means there is a sign of cancer, an infection, or another health problem. This test is crucial since it helps your doctors to early detect the presence of cancer. Once a woman reaches 21 years, they should start getting these tests.

4. Antibody Testing

North Hills urgent care clinic offers antibody testing. During these tests, a North Hills doctor will draw a blood sample from your finger. Also, these tests are meant to detect whether or not you have both types of antibodies against the virus that results in Covid-19. The tests are crucial because they help to tell if you previously had covid and have now developed antibodies.

5. Treatment of Burns and Injuries

At North Urgent care clinic, you will get quality treatment of not fatal ailments. We treat minor injuries and disorders like cuts, fractures, and broken bones. Suppose you have severe burns; however, the best option will be to seek the proper treatment at an emergency room.


Above are the top urgent care North Hills services. The clinic offers quick health and medical services to outpatients, and managing this facility needs comprehensive knowledge. What makes this clinic the best is the close communication between the staff that makes them offer the best medical care. The clinic helps in providing timely and convenient care when your primary care provider is unavailable.

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