Universal Carpets vs Custom Carpets: Which One to Choose?

People like to take shortcuts and save money when it comes to choosing accessories for cars. But, choosing between Universal Carpets vs Custom Carpets may take a toll on their decision-making skills. It is because both come with unique advantages and features, and it becomes tough to make the right decision. If you are looking forward to keeping your car new and want to increase the resale value of the car, then you need to invest in the right floor mats so that they can pay off later. Universal floor Mats for your car are made to suit the dimension of your car, but customised floor Mats are intended to fit the exact configuration of your vehicle. 

Universal carpets and custom carpets come with considerable differences as well as similarities. When considering car 7D mats, make sure to check the reviews of these mats online. They can be different in quality according to brand, and the prices may also differ. Choosing between custom and universal carpets, pay attention to the sizing and quality of the material before deciding. 

When purchasing car foot Mats online, you may come across multiple options and need to know the difference between all the kinds of mats. This article addresses the difference between two kinds of floor Mats for your car. And why one is better than the other for your car. But, before that, you need to understand the dimension, fit, cost and quality of maths to make an informed decision between universal and custom carpets.

Things to Consider Before Making A Decision Among Universal Carpets Vs Custom Carpets

There are multiple things to consider before you decide on the car flooring material. The quality, dimension, cost and material are essential when fixing your mind on a particular product. Here is a brief diversification of each of the features to consider before you make the best decision of your life regarding the flooring material of your vehicle. 


You need to consider the car accessories’ quality because they are valuable to you. When considering universal floor mats for your vehicle, the decision may not be perfect for you because you do not know whether or not you’re investing in a good product. Some universal floor mat manufacturers understand that price point refers to the essential factor for clients. It is why they utilise cheap materials to make the floor look appealing at an affordable price. 

Custom car floor mats are created with the best quality materials that will last years. When comparing universal mats with custom mats, they will damage soon after 2 to 3 seasons. If you are looking forward to getting short-term solutions for your car floor, you can purchase universal mats, but customised mats will provide you with the best value for your money in the long run.

Price Point

You can choose universal floor materials if the price point matters to you. Universal car floor materials are intended to be affordable and offer basic protection. When it comes to custom floor materials, they are expensive because professionals need to make them according to the precise measurements and layout of your car. 

Custom floor Mats for vehicles must be custom-made every time, which is costly, lengthy and high-quality fabrication compared to universal flour materials. If you are considering a long-term investment, you can consider custom floor Mats for your car. 


The dimension and fit quality of the floor Mats are generally the essential differentiators between universal and custom mats. Universal floor Mats for your car come in 2 to 3 dimensions because they are intended to suit as multiple vehicles as possible. It indicates that they will not fit your vehicle’s exact configuration perfectly. Remember that if you choose a universal mat, you must sacrifice the quality and fit. 

When you consider custom-fit floor Mats for your car, they are intended to fit the precise layout of your car so that there will be no sliding or bunching and the edges can be fixed properly. It will help safeguard the carpets in the future because liquids and dust will not be capable of becoming trapped below the carpet. It is inherently essential if you have a busy and active lifestyle. Moreover, there are no fitment problems with custom floor mats. Customers can also improve the overall appearance of their vehicles. If you have a budget and are looking for a cheaper option, you can always consider universal floor mats. 


According to professionals choosing custom floor mats among Universal Carpets vs Custom Carpets will be a wise choice as they guarantee ample protection for the car floor. They offer a style statement to the existing leather interior of your car. So, visit Carorbis, check out the range of carpets and floor mats, and choose the perfect item for your car.

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