The benefits of using online exam software for educators and students

Online examination system has been gaining immense popularity due to rising e-learning and remote learning programs offered by the institutes. Further, the integration of technology has made it easy to manage the entire process of admission over a few clicks.

If you are someone looking forward to adopting online exam software but are unsure, here’s why you should do it.

Here are a few major benefits of using online exam software for teachers and students.

Eliminates Excessive Workloads for Faculty-

The online exam software reduces the workload of all the faculty members by automating and digitizing all tasks involved in exam management. The software collects online exam applications from the students as well as allows them to pay fees online using debit/credit cards, internet gateways, and UPI.

Further, the teachers send exam invites over a few clicks to all the students. The system conducts an online evaluation of students’ performance and scores them based on previously fed data in the system. This reduces the workload for teachers. Further, it conducts automatic evaluations and reduces the need for invigilators during the exam.

Saves Operation Costs-

The online exam software is a one-time investment for institutes. It does not involve any subscription costs or recurring expenses. Apart from having a high return on investment, the automation of software enables one to conduct all monotonous and tedious tasks which reduce the cost of required manpower to conduct all these activities.

The online examination system also helps the institutes to eliminate the cost of invigilators as it conducts run-time monitoring of students during the exam. The system saves expenses related to pen, paper, printing, physical space, files, and other data storage. It is a cost-effective option for the institutes.

Enables New Educational Approaches-

They help to increase the methods of learning through student engagement and frequent examination. Some of the new educational approaches include OBE, CBCS, and others.

The online exam software enables easy management of new educational practices along with their implementation. The software helps to conduct a frequent evaluation of student performance in exams based on the outcomes expected from them. This makes the examination process easy for the institutes and students.

Ensures Fair Examination-

The online examination system makes use of online proctoring technology to ensure that the system conducts fair examinations for students located at remote locations. The software conducts real-time monitoring of students using their device camera. It ensures that there is the presence of no objects or persons around the exam candidate.

The online exam software does not allow the students to cut, copy, or paste in the exam window. Further, it authenticates the students before the exam to ensure there is no impersonation. This ensures safe examination and maintains the integrity of the institute.

Remote Examination-

The remote examination has given rise to e-learning courses and distance learning programs for institutes across the globe. Several students can enroll in courses of their choice in any institution. It helps the students as the courses are affordable for everyone and remove the physical barrier of the location to educate students.

Students can gain new skills in their core subjects or even explore new areas and work on their hobbies.


The online exam software is a robust ERP solution that automates and simplifies the entire process of conducting tests in institutes. The software makes use of a cloud platform for data storage and the safety of examination. Further, online evaluation helps to simplify the examination process for teachers and gives instant scores and feedback to the students.

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