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The teacher’s avant-garde clothing in class

The teacher’s avant-garde clothing in class has become popular on the Internet, causing parents to be dissatisfied. Does the teacher have the freedom to dress?

there was a group of teacher photos on the Internet, and many netizens paid attention to this teacher. The main reason was that he was very good-looking. Moreover, I usually pay attention to dressing up and dress very fashionably. After this kind of photos became popular on the Internet, there were also some controversies. Save with Boden NHS Discount

1. Teachers should also have the right to dress freely

Many parents feel that teachers must dress more properly and should not wear those miniskirts or dresses that are too fashionable . Such statements have also been refuted by many netizens. Zhu Shu’s netizens feel that although teachers do have a lot of things to pay attention to in terms of their entire career, what clothes to wear is a personal freedom.

As long as there is no clear specification at the school level , what kind of clothes teachers want to wear are their own behavioral choices . And in fact, the school should not come forward to stop the norm. As long as the clothes worn by teachers are not too revealing, it will have that kind of bad negative impact. Basically, it is not a big problem to wear Hanfu or clothes like Lolita. .

Many young teachers today are also girls who love beauty. 

Many young teachers today are also girls who love beauty. They want to dress up a bit more beautifully. Occasionally, they put on make-up and wear beautiful little skirts in class. These are all normal and understandable things. Moreover, the teacher who became popular on the Internet is actually a professor at the university,

and he himself has a very high degree of education, and his professional ability is also very good.

Many students who have taken his courses said that the teacher’s lectures are very lively and interesting, the classroom atmosphere is also very good, and he has always been a very popular professor. Although some netizens think that the reason why so many students like to take this teacher’s class is mainly because he is beautiful and fashionable, but his professional ability is indeed very good.

Although many netizens are discussing this matter , most netizens actually think that the main point of view on this matter is whether it is necessary for teachers to wear particularly fashionable clothes and put on particularly delicate makeup in class.

Let’s look at this issue from a different angle. If an ordinary young college student goes to work in a workplace after graduation, puts on delicate makeup and wears fashionable clothes, will they also encounter such controversy .

I believe that the vast majority of netizens will think that it is no big problem for normal people to go to work and wear makeup and dress beautifully. So why do so many people have objections to the teaching profession ?

In the final analysis, it is because of the prejudice 

In the final analysis, it is because of the prejudice of most people against teachers that teachers must dress very seriously 

and be serious in order to make a good impression on the student and make the students pay more attention to the class.

But in fact, there are related studies earlier, which prove that teachers dress more fashionably and more beautifully, which is also helpful for students in class . Many students are prone to desertion when they are in class. If the teacher dresses very fresh and beautiful , or dresses very attractively, it will improve the overall concentration of the students .

Therefore, when teachers wear makeup and dress up more beautifully in class , it actually helps the class to a certain extent, and can make students more focused on classroom learning . Teachers are also ordinary workplace employees. Although it is said that work does have some particularities,

it is not something that needs to be blamed for dressing up beautifully in the process of work .

2. Compared with dressing up beautifully, professional ability is the most important

In fact, the reason why most netizens have such a prejudice is that they subconsciously feel that if teachers spend their time on dressing up,

they probably won’t have as much energy to devote to their majors. But for a teacher, only with strong professional ability and methods of teaching and educating people can he teach better students and be a real good teacher.

But in fact, for many young people nowadays, self-improvement itself is a very important thing. Getting up early in your own time to put on makeup will not distract too much attention. As long as teachers have enough professional ability, what kind of clothes and what kind of makeup to wear should not be the focus of everyone.

Some young teachers feel that society does have a certain prejudice against teachers. The best way to break the prejudice is to prove it with practical actions . Even if you dress beautifully and wear makeup every day to go to work, you can still teach good students. Therefore, improving your professional ability and making yourself an excellent teacher is the most important thing. Qualified and capable teachers are the most important. Use Boden NHS Discount Code


Netizens and parents don’t have to be too harsh on young teachers . What kind of clothes the teacher wears and how to dress himself up is the teacher’s personal freedom . In fact, there is no need for others to intervene too much. As long as the teacher has enough professional ability and can show his professionalism when educating students,

what kind of clothes to wear is not the focus of attention at all.

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