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6 Types Of Floorings To Consider while Renovating

One of the most crucial aspects of any luxurious custom home is the floorings. The type of flooring in your home may have a significant impact on the ambiance and comfort of the area. The remaining design and layout of your home will most likely revolve around your flooring choice.

Not to mention that the material you select might have a considerable influence on the operation of your home, the longevity of your floor, and the cleaning requirements. As a result, it’s critical to choose the floorings that is both fashionable and long-lasting.

Luxury Wide Plank Hardwood

Luxury Wide Plank Hardwood has the appearance of real wood but is less expensive than solid wood. A thin layer of hardwood is bonded over a high-quality plywood base to create the look. It is as strong as real hardwood floorings and may last as long if properly cared for.

Design Tiles

Tile is a long-lasting, easy-to-clean option that’s ideal for wet spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. However, the usage of statement tile in other social rooms that might typically have carpeting or vinyl planks is evolving. Tile has remained a popular style in house décor, but its use outside of these conventional locations is expanding its versatility as a floorings option. 

Engineered wood floorings

Oak Mello is a long-lasting, environmentally friendly flooring choice created from linseed oil and cork. Linoleum flooring is inexpensive and simple to install. The floorings is available in a range of colors and styles in sheet form. It is robust (made of elastic materials) and can survive for decades if properly cared for.

Chelsea has become a popular choice for many households around the country. Laminate flooring is inexpensive and simple to install in the home. This makes them an excellent choice for a variety of uses around a property. This choice is softer than other hard surface floorings options for your house, yet it is quite durable and can withstand scratches and stains.

Floral Tiles

Floral tiles are making a comeback to make their impact on home design. This is a wonderful flooring option that will add a lot of color and character to your room. Retro-inspired floorings may be inexpensive and simple to install. Add it to a tiny location, such as a powder room, to test the waters before going all in and renovating your kitchen floor.


What could be more traditional than conventional SPC vinyl flooring? This popular flooring material has made a comeback in a new way with revamped designs and colors. It’s both useful and visually appealing. It can also evolve with the tastes of the homeowner over time.

Midtown may elevate your home to a level that other floorings options cannot. Each board’s distinct knot patterns and one-of-a-kind grain may add a personal touch to your area.

Morningside Heights

Traditional laminate flooring is making a comeback in modern design. This time, though, it can be replicated using several materials that are both cost-effective and simple to install.

This makes it an excellent choice for adding character to places such as restrooms and kitchens. Stone-look floorings is perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere in your house.

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