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Swimming and water aerobics: what are the benefits?

Practicing physical activities, in fact, is very important for the health of the Lifeguard certification near me any individual and the aquatic environment is an excellent gateway to start. However, many people have the following question: which activity is better, between swimming and water aerobics ?
Read the text and learn all about the activity!

Swimming: learn all about the activity!

Swimming is an excellent fitness program. If you’re from the time when it was said that “swimming is a complete sport”, it’s time to recycle your ideas!

In addition to training to compete or to play a sport, you can train swimming just to lose weight, to improve your physical conditioning. A good option is the Cross Swim swimming class , high-intensity functional training with swimming.

If you know how to swim and have no interest in competitive activities, experience the pleasure of using the four styles to be physically fit or simply relax!

In addition to developing conditioning, check out some more benefits of swimming :

  • Improves the respiratory system
  • strengthens the joints
  • develop the muscles
  • Improves heart health
  • promotes circulation
  • Decreases stress
  • And much more!

Does swimming make you lose weight?

Contrary to what many people think, swimming loses weight . However, it is important to keep in mind that it is only possible to lose weight by practicing swimming when the activity is treated as an aerobic activity, that is, it is practiced at a greater intensity.

The secret is to move with the swimming with Lifeguard certification near me exercises , in order to accelerate the heartbeat!

Water aerobics: understand!

Hydro gymnastics is an aquatic exercise program totally different from hydrotherapy.

While hydrotherapy aims at the rehabilitation of injuries and joint or muscular dysfunctions, hydro gymnastics is an activity planned for groups of people who are in good health and have no mobility restrictions.

The main results of water aerobics are:

  • physical conditioning,
  • muscle strength and endurance,
  • posture improvement,
  • improvements in the entire cardiovascular system,
  • slimming ,
  • relief from stress and depression
  • increased flexibility.
  • Water activities are fun, intense and varied.

The water aerobics classes take place to the sound of very motivating music and it is not necessary to know how to swim with Lifeguard certification near me to participate, as the students must be at a depth where the water line is at a height between the chest and the shoulders.

At Cia Athletica the water aerobics classes are super equipped, with:

  • water spinning bikes,
  • mini trampolines (aqua jump),
  • plastic or polyethylene dumbbells,
  • buoyancy belts and equates, which make classes more intense and challenging.

Swimming and water aerobics: benefits of the liquid medium

Less joint impact

Due to the buoyancy, in the water the joints suffer less impact with the ground. This is a very important factor for people with special postural conditions, for pregnant women, for obese people and people with osteoporosis.

Joint comfort and protection

In water, body movements are resisted to advance, which makes movement difficult and makes the exercise a little slower, but no less intense.

The feeling of exertion is even smaller, as heat dissipates more easily in water, and sweating is not perceived. The intensity can be the same as running or cycling.

The joints are especially protected, as there will be no ballistic or uncontrolled movements at great speed.

improved circulation

In the water, the hydrostatic pressure on the lower limbs facilitates venous return. Circulation improves and there is a decrease in edema (swelling), a situation particularly favorable for pregnant women and those with varicose veins.

Post workout recovery

You can exercise in the pool as a form of active recovery or as a replacement for part of the physical preparation activities of your favorite sport.
Several published studies show improved performance and sports performance in sports such as soccer, running and track and field.

Who can practice swimming and water aerobics?

Exercises in the aquatic environment can be performed by people of both sexes and generally by people of all ages. But, like any physical activity, you must have a doctor’s approval before starting classes.

Nowadays it is common to see swimming lessons for newborn babies. It is recommended that parents enroll their children from the age of 6 months, because after that period the child is already immunized against the main diseases.

Water aerobics, on the other hand, is more practiced by people of adult age, as it is gymnastics in the water, with a strong caloric burn. But there are no contraindications of this type of class for children and adolescents!

Swimming and Hydro gymnastics at Cia Athletica

At Compamia Athletica, you do not need to have scheduled days and times to practice swimming with lifeguard certification near me and/or water aerobics .

Cia Athletica’s Flex Time Swimming program offers specific workouts for your goals, without set days and times, in an operating system similar to that of bodybuilding. And you can swim for as long as you want, 7 days a week!

Our water aerobics program offers classes from Monday to Saturday, distributed in the morning, lunch time, afternoon and evening. You can attend all of them, according to your routine.

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