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How Long Do Rechargeable Fans Run?

A rechargeable fan is one of the popular home appliances. It supports when the power supply is cut off in the summer season or while you are outdoors. However, the main concern arises when it’s about longevity.

Also, in countries like Dubai, the weather in UAE is always hot. As a result, most people wonder how long rechargeable fans run even before considering the rechargeable fan price in UAE.

This article covers how long rechargeable fans can run and which options you must consider before buying.

5 Factors that Ensure the Longevity of Rechargeable Fan

Here, we discuss some tips and tricks to run your rechargeable fan for a long time.

Good Battery Recharge Cycle

A good rechargeable fan can run for 2-5 hours when fully charged.

If you use a rechargeable fan that weakens after some days, you will realize your battery recharge cycle is low. It can perform for a short time. That’s why you should go for those batteries that can perform well.

The battery recharge cycle points out how much time you can recharge and use multiple times your battery cycle. That means a battery with a recharge cycle of 100 will work for 100 days if charged daily.

Best Battery Type and Capacity

You can find many batteries in the market, like alkaline batteries, lead acid batteries, and many more. Out of these different battery types based on the fan size, the lithium battery is the most preferred and recommended one.

These batteries have a large capacity and can work up to 4000 cycles. As a result, you can use these rechargeable lithium batteries multiple times for a long period. These are lightweight, so you can carry your fan easily anywhere you like.

Compared to batteries like lead-acid, they are safe and emit no hazardous emissions. The best battery life can be somewhere between 10 to 20 hours.

Run a 12v Fan on a 12V Battery

The battery’s amp rating and the fan’s current are required to calculate the runtime of a 12V fan powered by a 12V battery.

For instance, if you have a 12V 100Ah battery and a 12V fan that draws 2 amps when it operates, we can easily determine how long the battery would survive. So, if the fan draws 2A, we divide that by the battery’s amp rating (100Ah /2A), giving us a runtime of about 50 hours.

Make sure the voltage from the battery is much less than the fan. Then it will create a short circuit within the fan.

Using Rechargeable Fans while Charging

Though using a rechargeable fan while charging is not recommended, you can use it while charging, as lithium batteries have no memory. A higher voltage battery can hamper your fan power. So, you should read the manual before using it. You can charge through micro-USB or USB-C cables.

Charge Li-ion Battery in the Best Way

Battery size depends on the amount of voltage and power rating of the battery. To save your battery life, do not charge to 100% or drain to 0%. Do not charge at high or low temperatures. Try to unplug your charger when the battery is full.

Things to Consider While Selecting a Rechargeable Fan

These are some common things you should remember while selecting a rechargeable fan. These are:

Charging and Operation Time

When you go to a shop to buy a rechargeable fan, you must look into two important things. One is charging time, and the other one is operation time.

Charging time indicates how much time will be needed to charge your fan, and operation time implies how long the fan will work on a full charge battery. When you want to buy, search for these two pieces of information in the manual.

Pick the Best Brand Name and Reputation

The best company brand will deliver the best rechargeable fans to their customers. Sonitec, Lontor, Universal, and Generic are some of the popular brands. Some of the other characteristics are the size of the fan, charging and operating time, design, etc.

Fix Your Budget

There are thousands of rechargeable fans at different price rates. Some are good quality, and others are cheaper. It is really up to you which one you should buy based on your budget.

Remember that cheaper ones can only provide good service for a short time. So, fix your budget and search to purchase at your desired level.


The use of rechargeable fans is increasing gradually. People are buying portable fans to carry them with them easily when required. Only quality and brand items can provide good service so that you can use a rechargeable fan for a long time.

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