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How Does Free Vedic Astrology Reading Work?

Ravi was a Hindu boy. He was facing daily life troubles, so his friend suggested he follow free Vedic astrology one day. Vedic astrology will tell him about the problems that he will be facing in the future. It will also provide him with its solution after referring to Vedic astrology services. Ravi came to know about the reason behind his daily life problems. He also started suggesting others follow free Vedic astrology.

What is free Vedic astrology?

The Sanskrit word for Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology is jyotiṣa. Also translated as “celestial/light body.” The modality appears to first appear in the Rigveda. It is an ancient Indian text (although some claim that it dates back to 10,000 BC).

Even today, Jyotish is a recognized science in much of India and part of his way of life for many. Thus when a person faces difficulty in life. He should prefer a free Vedic astrology service first. Earlier Vedic astrology determined important dates for spiritual rituals. As time went on, it became more personal. People began to study the motions of their planets for understanding their destiny by Vedic astrology prediction.

Vedic astrology has connections with other ancient Indian practices, including yoga and Ayurveda. Like Western astrology, “it offers us a guide or roadmap to better understand. Our physical, emotional, spiritual, and even financial experiences.” One can opt for free Vedic astrology prediction for knowing more about their future life.

The 12 Vedic signs that an astrologer looks for while free Vedic astrology reading

There are twelve Vedic Zodiac signs in Vedic astrology. And, the characteristics of the signs are also almost the same. The difference is in the data. While free Vedic astrology reading. The astrologer looks forward to this 12 Vedic Sign.

So if you swear by your western sun sign identity, get ready to rock your boat a bit. The dates of the Vedic signs are as follows:

  • Aries: lasts for (April 13 to May 14)
  • Taurus: lasts for (15 May to 14 June)
  • Gemini: lasts for (15 June to 14 July)
  • Cancer: lasts for (15 July to 14 August)
  • Leo: lasts for (15 August to 15 September)
  • Virgo: lasts for (September 16 to October 15)
  • Libra: lasts for (October 16 to November 14)
  • Scorpio: lasts for (15 November to 14 December)
  • Sagittarius: lasts for (15 December to 13 January
  • Capricorn: lasts for (14 January to 11 February)
  • Aquarius: lasts for (12 February to 12 March)
  • Pisces: lasts for (March 13 to April 12)

These are the 12 astrological signs. That an astrologer checks during free Vedic astrology reading.

The Vedic astrology that one should refer to while free Vedic astrology reading:-

Vedic Astrology (Jotisha) has three main branches:

  • Siddhanta (Astronomy): Astronomy and its applications in Samhita astrology
  • (Minsk Astrology): Covers terrestrial astrology, predicts important events related to countries. Like wars, earthquakes, political events.
  • (Vastu Shastra), animals, omens and omens, etc. people (predictive astrology)

This branch has the following different styles/sub-branch:-

  • Jataka Shaastra tells about: Divination based on individual horoscopes.
  • Muhurtha: Choose the right time to start an activity to get the most out of life’s activities.
  • Swar Shaastra (phonetic astrology): Predictions based on names and sounds.
  • Dusty (Hourly Astrology): prediction based on when the question is asked by the asker.
  • Ank Jyotish / Kabbalah (Numerology): A branch of number-based astrology.
  • Pulse Astrology: An Ancient Treatise on Detailed Predictions for Individuals.
  • Tajik Shaastra: Astrology based on the annual return of the sun.
  • Nastjaatakam (Lost Horoscope): The Art of Tracking/Building a Lost Horoscope.
  • Streejaatak: A special branch of astrology that deals with the birth of women.

While opting for Vedic astrology free service. Ensure that the astrologer you are seeking is professional in his job and knows well about his field

What is the scientific basis of free Vedic astrology reading?

The popular belief is that mythology is a method that our ancestors used to explain some laws of physics. That was incomprehensible to ordinary people. 

Unfortunately, even modern science today cannot understand physical laws. Behind this ancient method, even though it got there very much. Our current understanding of astrology lies in statistics and probability. Statistics is a branch of mathematics. That can deal with correlations between two or more independent events without knowing the reason for the correlation. 

Suppose the same horoscope is present in the horoscope for 1000 people. Then certain astrological rules apply to 70%-80% of them. Assuming you toss the coin 1000 times, the probability of “heads” is always 50%. 

For example, you’re looking at the results of a coin toss at sunset and sunrise. If, after a year of testing, you find that the odds of the “heads” appearing at sunrise are 70% instead of the 50% expected. Then you can make up the rule that if you flip a coin at sunrise, The odds of getting ” head” are getting bigger. Vedic astrology is also explained in the same way. Some combinations on charts produce predictions. That turns out to be correct on 70-80% of charts with those combinations. We can’t yet explain why this happened. But the evidence is strong enough that events are predictable with very reasonable statistical significance. 

For knowing about your future life or daily life problems. A Vedic astrology reading is quite important. Many online sites provide free Vedic astrology reading. They are quite accurate.

The difference between free Vedic astrology reading and western astrology reading:-

Spring equinox is the simplest difference between the two lies in the zodiac measurement method. Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac. (where the stars are a solid background against which to measure the motion of the planets). At the same time, most western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. (the movement of the planets relative to the position of the stars). 

This difference only became clear over time, after several centuries, through the precession of the equinox. The two systems are identical and only shift the origin of the length of the ecliptic by about 22 degrees or days. It leads to the planets’ positions at their previous mark on the western map about 80% of the time.

What is free Vedic astrology reding in the end?

Vedic astrology is an ancient Indian science that explains the movements and positions of the planets in relation. To time and their influence on humans and other creatures on earth. Vedic astrology has been in use for thousands of years. Early Vedic astrology was upon the movement of the planets. Relative to the stars but later began to include the signs of the zodiac. 

According to Vedic astrology, 27 constellations consist of 12 zodiac signs. 9 planets, and 12 houses, with each house and each planet representing an aspect of human life. 12 characters were divided into 12 houses and 9 planets in different houses when a person was born. This visual representation of a snippet of signs and planets is known as a horoscope chart. Vedic astrology is nothing more than an interpretation of the meaning. Of this arrangement as it applies to humans and other creatures. Vedic astrology tells us about our past, present, and future life, which helps us while tackling daily life problems. So for a better life view, know more about Vedic astrology. If you are facing any life trouble then visit your astrologer who will provide you with solutions for the life problem.

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