Does The Pap Smear Test Help To Detect Cancerous Cells?

PAP smear tests are critical tools that help In detecting the presence of cervical cancer. These tests help to tell if there is any presence of cervical cells in your cervix that might result in cervical cancer. A gynecologist or obstetrician conducts pap smear tests. During a pap test, the doctor will also test for HPV, the leading cause of cervical cancer. Suppose the outcome of this procedure is positive or unclear; this means there is a sign of cervical cancer, infection, or an underlying health issue. The doctors will conduct HPV tests alongside pap smears. Pap smear tests might as well help to detect other underlying health issues. These tests are also referred to as Papanicolaou tests. Please keep reading to learn more on whether or not a PAP smear clinic near me can help in detecting cancerous cells.

The Main Aim of Getting a PAP Smear Test

Most of these tests are conducted together with pelvic exams. If you are 30 years old, pap tests will be shown with HPV tests. The disease-causing virus will going to sexually transmit. If this virus is not recognized earlier, it might result in cervical cancer. Usually, you and your doctor will decide the right time to perform these tests and their regularity. Doctors generally advise patients to get these tests once they reach 21 years. After, these tests will be done after every two to three years. When you turn 30 years old, you should undergo these tests alongside human papillomavirus every three to five years. Usually, if you have a high chance of getting cervical cancer, the doctor will suggest taking these tests occasionally. Some factors increase the chances of getting cervical cancer. These factors include the following;

  • If you are HIV
  • Suppose you have a weak immune system that results from the use of chemotherapy or organ transplant.
  • Suppose you are exposeable to DES before birth.

Importance of Getting a Pap Smear Test

Opting for a PAP smear test near me regularly is critical to any woman. The doctor will help you know your cervical health better because this will affect your reproductive health. You can avoid advanced stages of cervical cancer by undergoing regular pap smear tests. Also, the tests help eliminate any abnormal cells that spread another fetal virus like HPV. Each pap smear test typically offers essential information regarding any underlying health issue. Another advantage of getting a pap smear test is that it enables you to detect risk factors that might result in a lifelong ailment or infection.

Who is Eligible for a Pap Smear Test?

Most women wonder about the appropriate age to get a pap smear test. However, most doctors suggest you get a pap smear test once you clock 21 years. At the PAP smear clinic near me, doctors recommend this age because the reproductive system will have fully developed. Once you begin the first testing, regular appointments will then follow after every two to three years. But this does not mean you can’t undergo these tests if you are under 21 years.

If you are sexually active and prone to infections that might affect your cervix or vagina, you should opt for a pap smear test. You can also obtain a pap smear test if you are a virgin. But at this stage, the risk of getting cervical cancer is shallow, but there is no harm In getting a pap smear test. These tests will serve no purpose If you are 65 years old and abnormal cervical cells is not detectable in the past. At this age, you are not at risk of getting cervical cancer.


Getting a pap smear test is highly beneficial to every woman. These tests are life-savers and help in detecting abnormal cells from your cervix. They also help detect the presence of human papillomavirus, the leading cause of cervical cancer in most women. To tell if you are eligible for these tests, contact a PAP smear clinic near me and set a consultation session. How often you should get, these tests will depend on the agreement between you and the doctor.

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