Best Botox in Boston – Common Errors

True eyelid droop

This is the most common complication, but it is actually the least common. It’s usually the forehead and eyebrows, described above. This causes the eyelid to feel heavy. Call your doctor if you are really having difficulty opening your eyes. Prescription eye drops can temporarily raise the eyelids, so this problem is manageable until the best Botox in Boston effects wear off.

Lop-Sided Facial Features

Botox is now being used more often by injectors on the lower faces. It’s not always done well. Here are some things I have seen, since people come to my clinic often to correct best Botox in Boston errors.

Lop-Sided Smile

Incorrect injections of muscles controlling the shape of the lips can cause one side of the smile to pull up or down. This is usually more apparent when the face moves, but it can happen at any time.

There are many ways to improve the appearance of this area until the Botox goes off. Talk to a best Botox in Boston expert in your locality.

The Mr. Spock Eyebrow

Star Trek. Did you catch the eyebrow that always remained with a snarky expression? Another Botox error is when both eyebrows are raised to such a height it appears to be constantly amazed. The wrinkles can also be spotted on the side brows that are lateral.

It can be prevented by an experienced injector. It is fixable quickly and usually for no cost by using just one or two drops of Botox.

A facial droop on one side

This is extremely rare. This happens when Botox injections around the eyelids or lower crow’s feet cause the Botox to migrate to a muscle which raises the corner of your lip and other parts of the cheek. This one is easy to forget about.

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Best Botox in Boston Makes the Lower Eyelid Area Look Worse

This is often caused by excessive relaxation of the muscles around the eyes called the orbicularis Oculi. Botox in the area of the crow’s feet will make the puffiness or creepiness under the eyelids worse for those who have an already-existing tendency for the muscle to relax over time.

Talk to your doctor for solutions. Sometimes, an eyelid Fraxeltreatment to smoothen and tighten the eyelid skin or an Eyelid Thermage treatment will be helpful. Sometimes, Best Botox in Boston should not be used in certain areas of the muscle.

Find a great doctor/nurse to do the Best Botox in Boston

One, ask your friends. Of course, not everyone will be truthful. Many wills. You’re more likely to like your friend’s doctor if you like how they look. One, make an appointment to see if it’s possible and ask how long the doctor/nurse has been injecting the best Botox in Boston (at least five years is good). This is something that not all people will tell you. Also, you can call the front desk and ask them. Avoid offices that advertise. Because they don’t have enough work, offices advertise. They aren’t busy enough if they’re really good.

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