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5 Delicious Dessert Recipes That Skip Eggs!

In this article we wil see 5 Delicious Dessert Recipes That Skip Eggs! If you want to start your day with something that would set your mood right for the entire day. You know that a Photo cake delivery would be perfect to cheer you upright in the morning. Imagine waking up to receiving a freshly baked cake right at your doorstep. So that your day gets started on a sweet note. For those who love eating cakes, no quantity of cake can ever be enough.

If you are someone who loves to eat different varieties of cake, and also make them so that you can create your own new variety of cake. Here are a few easy recipes that skip eggs. This means these are the cakes that are perfect for the people who prefer eating vegetarian food. If you have a friend who avoids eating cake simply because they are made up of eggs. You can bless them with a delicious eggless cake so that your friends do not remain unknown to the happiness that is achieved through these lovely Delicious Dessert Recipes delights. 

Eggless Wheat cake

For the ones who are conscious of their health. We have got a healthy alternative for the regular flour that is used in the cakes. You can try baking an eggless wheat cake that would give a healthy start to your day.  To begin with, take some sugar, or jaggery, and mix them well with olive oil, and milk. Then add wheat flour, cinnamon powder, and a pinch of salt.

Mix them well. Thus, ensuring that there is no lump in the batter. Then add curd along with some water and mix all the ingredients into a thick batter. Now add some dry fruits such as cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, etc, and bake the cake at 180 degrees Celsius. Wait for 40 minutes and let the cake cool down. You can also store the cake in an airtight container and can use it for a week. Thus, ensuring a weekly supply of healthy breakfast. 

Almond Cashew Cake

What can be better than a cake that starts melting right when it enters into your mouth? The eggless almond and cashew cake is a perfect combination of a soft bread along with nuts.

All you need is to get started with some milk and cashew powder that can be purchased from the market or can be obtained by grinding cashew at home itself. Then add some almond powder and all-purpose cake flour. Further, add a teaspoon of baking soda and baking powder. Finally, add some cinnamon powder for a tempting fragrance and mix all the ingredients.

Now take another bowl and pour some ghee and biscuit until it becomes fluffy. Add some powdered sugar to the ghee, and mix it well. You can also use butter if you don’t want to use ghee. Now mix the ingredients of both the bowls together, and pour it into a pan and bake it for 2o to 30 minutes, and get ready to eat your almond cashew cake. 

Eggless chocolate cake

Chocolate cakes are undoubtedly the most demanded ones and it is this demand that led to the emergence of a recipe for a chocolate cake that excludes eggs. So that people who do not eat eggs can also enjoy its taste. For baking an eggless chocolate cake you shall put some cake flour cocoa powder and one teaspoon of baking powder in a sieve, and filter it well in a bowl.

Now add some powdered sugar, add some milk, and vanilla essence, and mix the mixture well. Pour the batter into a pan that has been greased well so that the cake does not stick inside the pan. Bake it for half an hour and let it cool for 10 minutes. Enjoy your eggless chocolate cake. You can eat it as a chocolate cake, or use it as a base for any other variety of cake that you would like to experiment with. 

Now that you have come across so many tasty recipes for baking an eggless cake. We are sure you will be tempted to try them. You can get many other varieties of eggless cakes through a hassle-free online cake delivery in Noida

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