Why Preserved Flowers are More Expensive than Regular Ones?

In the 1990s, France was the birthplace of preserved flowers, which subsequently gained popularity in Japan.

100% real flowers make up preserved flowers. To preserve their inherent softness, form, and shine, they are create using an original technique of dehydration, decolorization, coloring, and drying. They appear fresh and organic.

Natural flowers use to make preserved flowers are hand-picked, cut at the height of their beauty, and then brought to the factory for additional sorting, grading, and processing. The flowers can keep their beauty, softness, and delicate look for a very long time thanks to this unique, proprietary preservation procedure.

In addition to their contemporary design, they come in a variety of unusual hues, including black. Your astonishment is heighten by this.

How they are different from regular flowers?

You might think of dried flowers as “dry plants.” The dried-out petals and leaves are wrinkle and stiff, displaying a vintage aesthetic. Dried flower production techniques, such as air drying and flower drying crystals, are also quite straightforward. The preserved flowers have a year-long shelf life.

The process of letting fresh flowers dry is a common way to create dried flowers. They can receive a coloring and setting treatment after drying entirely to help them resemble themselves again. They appear sturdy yet fragile.

Even though it is a sort of drying, unlike preserved flowers, its procedure is considerably more advanced. The end effect is a wholly organic look and feel, as though they were recently cut flowers.

The main benefit of preserved flowers over dried ones is that they still have a “watery gentleness” and nearly identical appearance to fresh flowers, often even surpassing them in beauty. There is no restriction on the variety of flower hues, even though the production procedure for preserved flowers is quite complex and demands expert abilities. Additionally, creating preserved flowers is also a patentable innovation. Flowers may live up to three to five years or longer if they are treat properly.

Are Preserve flowers more expensive?

Flowers from a broad variety can be utilize to create preserved flowers. Roses, hydrangea, jasmine, miniature orchids, carnations, various kinds of greenery, and so forth are the most popular and widely available flowers.

For preservation, only the best seasonal flowers are chosen.

Only safe, cosmetic-grade chemicals, which are quite expensive to create, are utilize in the “preservation” procedure. It turns ephemeral beauty into eternal art using a high-tech “eternal” procedure.

In the preservation process, no explosive, toxic, corrosive, carcinogenic, or chemically reactive compounds are use. The same solutions and colorants are employe in both food and medicine. They, therefore, pose no harm to human health or the environment.

Advantages of Preserved flowers over regular ones:

You might not be able to distinguish between preserved and freshly cut flowers if you buy them from a reliable same day flower delivery Singapore. They maintain the beauty and vibrancy of regular flowers while also introducing several advantages, seven of which are detail here.

Water is not required for preserved flowers:

Organic, non-toxic to both people and animals substances are use in the preservation procedure. Even food is make with glycerin, a crucial preservation process element, to retain moisture, as well as in treatments for dry, sensitive skin. It helps to reduce evaporation by helping to bind water inside organic tissue.

So your preserved flowers won’t ever require watering! Simply said, they don’t require it, thus it’s better to keep them away from moisture-heavy environments to extend their lifespan.

They last longer – much longer:

As previously stated, with careful care, preserved flowers can keep for more than a year. That implies that they will endure up to 50 times longer than regular flowers, to put it in context.

They will stay until the following holiday or beyond if given as a present for a birthday, anniversary, or annual celebration!

By doing this, flowers can be transform from a considerate present into an enduring keepsake that will offer happiness for months to come.

Because of this, preserved flowers are considerably more suited for use as decorations than regular flowers that wilt fast or fake flowers that never seem authentic enough. Their lengthy shelf lives also pave the way for further conveniences, particularly affordable and useful ones.

Preserved flowers can be cheap as well:

Naturally, they will outlive regular flowers by a wide margin, but they also maintain their affordability for a variety of reasons. In particular to someone who finds it impossible to envisage their day without flowers all around them. They are a terrific present for a thrifty individual who likes flowers but is afraid to regularly spend money on fresh-cut flowers because they don’t need to be replace.

They are less expensive to maintain and replace if used for decoration than regular fading flowers. Imagine the transformation they can enact in a business or office that values floral décor, and we haven’t even mentioned their convenience.

Preservation of flowers is useful:

It’s unfortunate when lovely flowers are tossed away or squander. The advantage of preserved flowers is that once you buy them, time does not run out. There is still plenty of time to display them in a desirable location, share them with someone, or give them as a special gift.

Even if a party or occasion is postpone, you can still give someone a gift weeks later. Regular flowers may be thoroughly enjoy on one’s terms even by a busy person who has never had the time to deal with them. They might remain in the same condition as when they were abandon for extended periods. The main benefit they provide is time.

The environmental benefits of preserved flowers:

It’s important to note how much of an environmental impact they may have. They give no cause for concern regarding the environment. In reality, they assist in easing a few of its issues.

We said that they outlive regular flowers by 50 times. As a result, compared to replacing regular flowers several times, the resources needed for a person to possess them are far cheaper.

As a result, less soil, water, and fertilizer are need.

consume less energy and produce less packing for landfills since they are convenient to store and move.

We are unimportant to an eco-aware person and only greatly meritorious.

We are extremely simple to take care of:

Tending to regular flower bouquets or arrangements may seem like a huge burden in comparison to preserved flowers. Fresh-cut flowers require a variety of periodic maintenance procedures, including watering, caring for the stems, trimming, and more. The owner needs to do very little to maintain preserved flowers. Being aware of their positioning and their adverse reaction to excessive humidity is more than adequate.

Preserved flowers just need a little dusting now and then if they are kept in a well-ventilated space away from direct sunshine and other external disturbances. All that is needed is delicate stroking because they do get frailer as they age.

They make fun presents for any occasion:

Compared to their regular colleagues, florists who make preserved flowers may afford to put considerably more effort into them. Because preserved flowers last, it is worthwhile to put some thought into making them. There are many different types of colors, accents, finishes, and arrangements available for preserved flowers. It’s difficult to interact with them and not have an impact.

They give the idea that you gave significant attention to how you prepared, organized, and ultimately picked them. They will contribute to someone’s décor and day for the upcoming year. Even while they won’t endure indefinitely, they will be unforgettable for far longer than regular flowers ever could.

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