Ultimate tips and tricks on writing a perfect opinion essay

how to write opinion essay

One of the most common types of essays you have to write in your academic career is the opinion essay. That is also known as the argumentative essay or the persuasive essay.

Where you have to take a controversial idea or a topic that many people have different opinions on as we do in write my paper for me. You have to present your opinion and you have to defend it and support it. 

Now the purpose of the opinion essay is to persuade the reader into agreeing with you. Or at least recognize that your opinion in the argument is valid. So here in this article, I’ll be giving you  some tips before you write your opinion essay

  • Take a clear position

It’s important that the reader clearly understand your opinion. You cannot sit on the fence in an opinion essay and pick one side or the other.

  • Be clear

Also, you have to be clear not just in your opinion but in your reasons and your details. Remember that it’s not the reader’s job to connect the ideas that are your job as the writer.

  • Consider your audience

Consider your audience meaning you think about if you’re trying to persuade someone who is that you’re trying to persuade. Who would disagree with you and why if you consider the other side of the argument? Your own defense will be much stronger.

Now once you’ve decided or considered those things it’s time to write your essay. An opinion essay follows the basic structure it has three parts

  1. Introduction

Now like all essays the introductory paragraphs would start with a hook. Meaning a sentence that engaging to get the reader’s attention and introduces the topic.

 In an interesting way, you have the background information. Which would give a little bit of information. About it in order that the reader can understand why it’s controversial or why it’s important. And then the most important sentence in your essay is the thesis statement which is the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.

Now in an opinion essay, your thesis statement will be your opinion. In this case, my example thesis statement is about.

 “professional athletes who are caught.  And taking up performance-enhanced drugs should be banned from sports life. “

Now, this is a good thesis statement because it’s clear and I have taken a definite position.

  1. Body

And now it’s time for me to support my opinion now in the body. It can be one paragraph or three or however many you need in order to fully support your opinion and meet the requirements of your class. Now the body paragraph should support your opinion with both reasons & details.

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To have a strong argument you probably want at least three good reasons. If you can’t think about the three reasons to support your opinion you may have a weak argument. Now once you’ve given the reason for example.

“A strict whole lifetime ban can 100% protect other athletes from the temptation to use  the drugs.”

You may want to add some details to fully explain what you mean. Now if athletes are aware of the punishment of severe punishment.  They will be less likely to be tempted by performance-enhancing drugs like steroids.

Now once you have presented your argument with reasons and details. This is the time for you to introduce something which is known as the Counter-Argument. Now the Counter-Argument means the opposing view or the person who would disagree with your opinion.

Now you may ask why you would include the Counter-Argument in your essay.  but remember that you want the reader to recognize that you have seen both sides of the argument. You’ve considered both sides and you’ve made a decision so it’s important to include both sides.

For example in this case I’ve said “ some might argue that this punishment is too severe; if you take away the person’s ability to play the sport. You take away their lifelong dream”. Now, this is the Counter-Argument, and once you’ve presented that it’s time for you to answer it. And explain why your opinion is strong.

Now there are two ways to respond to the Counter-Argument you can refute or concede. Refute means that you are telling the Counter-Argument is completely wrong like you disagree with that.  And Conceded means that you’re saying yes but. 

So you’re recognizing that the Counter-Argument is a good point but your opinion is stronger. And now in this case my refutation is. However, the athletes taking these drugs are the ones robbing other athletes of opportunities and dreams. 

Now once you have established the Counter-Argument and the response you can move on to your concluding paragraphs.

  1. Conclusion

In the conclusion like all basic essays, you want to restate the thesis paraphrase. You summarize your main points and then you want to end your concluding paragraphs with a strong statement.


Remember that just like the hook you’re grabbing the reader’s attention. In the conclusion, you want to leave the reader with a lasting impression. And if you follow this guideline you’re much more likely of writing a successful opinion essay. 
So these were some tips and tricks on writing a perfect and successful opinion essay. I hope you guys find this article informative and knowledgeable.

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