Top 10 Universities to Pursue PhD in Materials Sciences in UK 


Engineering applications, the physics and chemistry of matter, and industrial production processes are all included in the multidisciplinary field of materials science. Modern civilization relies on cutting-edge materials, such as silicon microchips for the ongoing digital technology revolution, lightweight composites for more fuel-efficient automobiles, and optical fibres for telecommunications. Materials scientists research the connections between a material’s composition, structure, and characteristics. Additionally, they create novel materials and sophisticated production methods. Nanotechnology, quantum computing, energy storage, nuclear energy, and medical innovations like bone replacement materials and medication delivery all depend on advancements in materials science.

The mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and optical characteristics of materials and the design, production, and uses of metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites, and biomaterials are all covered in this varied program. It also covers the subject’s physics and chemistry roots. Excellent laboratory and instructional facilities support this effort.

Based on their standing and materials science-related research, these universities are among the best in the UK. Here at LiveWebTutors, your hunt for a reputable Online Assignment Writing Service ends.

1. University of Oxford

On the list of best universities in the UK this year, the University of Oxford takes the top spot. It has now occupied the top position internationally for six years running. Oxford performed exceptionally well regarding its teaching, research, citations, and global orientation ranking criteria. It has the second-highest score on the list for this rating criterion, 10.7 for the number of students to staff.

2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, which has a total score of 94.6, is the fourth-oldest university in the world. Five of the university’s six Times Higher Education rating criteria—teaching, research, citations, international view, and overall impression—were nearly flawless. According to the university, 39% of its total students are students from other countries.

3. London’s Imperial College

This year, Imperial College London ranked in the top 3 universities in the UK. This centre-city English university with an intense science concentration estimates that 59% of its student body comprises international students. Imperial College London’s score of 11.3 for the ratio of students to staff members is even more outstanding. The university, however, might strive to raise its 40 to 60 student ratio score for female to male students.

4. UCL

For another year, UCL has retained its position as number four. The university’s constancy may be ascribed to its almost ideal citation score and a worldwide perspective. It is the top-scoring institution on the list for this ranking criterion, with a score of 10.6 for the ratio of students to staff. With a score of 44.7, UCL has one of the lowest industry income rankings among UK institutions.

5. School of Economics and Political Science in London (LSE)

One of the top universities for social science around the globe is the London School of Economics and Political Science, which is located at the centre of this ranking. Therefore, it is no surprise that LSE routinely achieves top rankings in international outlook, citations, and research. LSE also tops the ranking for the proportion of enrolled overseas students. According to the college, an impressive 72% of its student body comprises international students.

6. University of Edinburgh

One of the seven historic universities in Great Britain and Ireland is the University of Edinburgh. The ratio of female to male students at the university might be improved. The University of Edinburgh performs a great job of creating an atmosphere where international students desire to study, despite receiving a lower score for this ranking criterion as they make up 44% of its student body.

7. London’s King’s College

The bustling city of London, renowned worldwide for its festivals, music, and museums, is where King’s College London is situated. The largest health care learning centre in Europe is located at the university. It’s no surprise that it ranks 35th overall and 7th among the best UK institutions, given its strong ratings in research, citations, and worldwide focus. International students make up 49% of the student body at King’s College London, so if you’re considering studying in the UK while overseas, you’ll feel entirely at home.

8. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, based in the vibrant city of Manchester, is renowned for its internationally significant research and ground-breaking discoveries, including the initial atom splitting. The university scores 54 to 46 for its female-to-male student ratio and an excellent 14.3 for its student-to-teacher ratio. The university should strive to do better in this area, with a score of 45.6 in terms of industrial income.

9. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick began operations in 1965, making it a young institution with a significant global effect. Despite the institution’s well-known dedication to research, its score in this category might have been better than 53 out of 100. However, the university makes up for it with high citation rankings and a global perspective. Overall, the University of Warwick scores 65.4 out of 100. The university welcomes students who desire to study abroad because 43% of its students are from other countries.

10. University of Glasgow

On ranking the top UK universities for 2022, the University of Glasgow has secured a place. Glasgow University, Scotland’s centre of creativity and culture, receives nearly flawless marks for its global view and citations. With approximately 35,000 students, 40% of whom are foreign, the University of Glasgow has an impressively diverse student body.

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