Tips For Transporting Bulldozer In North America

Transportation of heavy equipment is always a hassle for construction equipment owners. Several times, you need equipment transportation from one location to another. When you buy equipment either from the auction or from the equipment dealer in your town, you need to deliver it to the warehouse or site. In today’s time, like all other shopping, equipment purchasing is all shifted online. People from across borders can order the equipment of their choice but then transporting them to the destination becomes a hassle. However, with this increasing trend, experts have set some solutions and precautions. Following them while moving equipment like a bulldozer will keep you in safe hands and you can transport the equipment smoothly. Although each region in the world has its limitations and restrictions for heavy equipment transportation. 

This article will give you some useful yet simple tips to transport your bulldozer to North America. 

  1. Choose an experienced driver

When you need to transport your bulldozer for sale to its final destination, always land on an experienced driver. North American transportation regulations are quite strict in some cases. This is for the safety of the drivers and the public on the road. Only an experienced driver can understand all these restrictions and limitations in a better way. Even if you are running a heavy hauling company, hire a skillful and licensed driver who has a permit to drive across the border. You can also train the drivers but it will take time. for immediate recruitment, only experienced drivers will be the best option. further, we know that a bulldozer is a heavy construction equipment that needs safe delivery. So, a skillful and mindful driver can handle unusual situations the way.

  1. Prepare bulldozer for shipping

The pre-planning and preparation are mandatory to ship your bulldozer. The preparation of transportation includes a detailed review and understanding of the process, route plan, special permit requirement, document arrangement, and equipment preparation. The region-wise licenses and documents are mandatory to arrange before you leave for delivery.  The custom or higher authorities will ask for the documents at the border. 

You also need to prepare your bulldozer before loading it on the trailer. Considering the weather condition, you need to make necessary arrangements like covering with a sheet, removing dust and moisture, etc. hauling companies are normally aware of all these precautions. You can hire them for bulldozer transportation to North America. They will take care of all the matters. 

  1. Do not overpay for the equipment hauling

When you are hiring a hauling company for the transportation of your bulldozer, do not stick to only one company. If you feel that a hauling company is charging you way more than others, then do not close your deal with them. before dealing with the company, you need to research about the different hauling services in your region. Compare their services and charges. Once you find the best deal, then start dealing with them and close the deal. Always prefer to go for the trusted and experienced hauling company. they have better knowledge about cross-border shipping.

  1. Know about your bulldozer limitations

Some models of bulldozer for sale are very massive and heavy that they fall in the oversize/wide load category. In every region, this category has some special restrictions and the hauling companies charge a little extra to transport them. before sending your bulldozer to its destination, understand its requirement. If it exceeds the limit then you need to take permission to haul and transport them. paying a bit extra is also fine if the shipment is huge.


The bulldozer is massive equipment that needs special transportation services. Like many other regions, North America has also some regulations and limitations for oversized deliveries and transportation. In this article, you may read about the limitations. Further, you may find simple tips to consider while transporting your bulldozer to North America.

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