The Top 12 Augmented Reality (AR) Applications for iOS and Android!

Most people now own smartphones because they live in a technologically advanced environment, but does this satisfy their desire for more technology? Nowadays, more than having a smartphone with a 4G or 5G network is required. Users now need more captivating and engaging applications, such as augmented reality apps, in order to experience them on their phones. Due to this, many companies hire iOS app developers or Android to invent great AR apps.  

Augmented Reality consumers will continue to want more and more, from sophisticated AR games to social media toys and utility. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, claims that a sizable portion of the population in industrialized nations and, ultimately, all countries will experience augmented reality on a daily basis. The importance of AR will increase for all of us, just as it does for eating three meals a day.

Several sectors, including healthcare, automotive, entertainment, and more, aim to include AR in their applications. Nonetheless, 40% of buyers are willing to pay extra for goods they may personalize using augmented reality.

You will learn about some of the top augmented reality (AR) applications for your Android or iPhone with the help of this article.

Top AR applications for iOS and Android

Google Lens

Google created Google Lens, an augmented reality-based image identification system. It is the best-augmented reality app available. It uses the cloud computing approach (visual analysis based on a neural network) to recognize text, photos, objects, and landmarks.

If the product is accessible online, this result will provide a recommendation for the website where you may make your purchase. Just aim your smartphone towards that specific object to experience the magic. Here, you will use augmented reality to search for the thing.

Android users may download the app, and iOS users can utilize Google Lens with Google Photos.

Google Maps

Without Google Maps, none of us could envision our daily lives. Google launched Google Maps as a specific map feature, but over time it added augmented reality (AR) technologies to it, making it the most reliable navigating tool.

You may see virtual waymarkers and directional arrows on the map to help you find your way. Although iPhone users may download iOS12 and update Google Maps to begin navigating from their phone, Android phones already have them pre-installed.

Quiver Vision

Kids can also have fun and play with the AR-enhanced Quiver Vision app. The coloring book software lets a child’s creations come to life. offers free premium picture packs that include a variety of cartoon characters, animals, instructive situations, and images you can print out and color with your kid. After finishing, open the Quiver app and choose the colored page. This will bring a picture to life and add animations and other effects to make it more dynamic.


An AI-based smartphone software, Sketch AR, incorporates gamification, picture editing, sketching, and other interactive techniques.

It transforms the smartphone screen into an augmented reality sketching tool and superimposes a sketch or line art picture onto a blank piece of paper so you may trace it or use it as the foundation for your work.

Users may choose from the application’s collection of sketches or have their images turned into traceable line drawings. The programme is designed to function on paper of any size, even A4, as long as four reference circles are drawn to serve as scale markers.

By no means will sketcher replace a formal sketching lesson, but it is a fun toy programme to play with and one of the best-augmented reality applications we have recently encountered.


The Mondly language learning software now has a module for ARKit and AR Core compatible phones, giving it an augmented reality-helped twist. This software’s augmented reality (AR) components engage language learners with an animated chatbot, word, and object representations, and rapid feedback on pronunciation and any faults to help make learning more dynamic.

The courses, games, and practice talks on Mondly include more than 30 additional languages in addition to these AR elements.


A photo-editing tool called YouCam Makeup uses augmented reality to help with cosmetics and fashion. You may examine various increased reality-generated cosmetic goods from companies like L’Oreal, Maybelline, ad Urban Decay, including eye makeup, lipstick, and blush.

With its selfie camera editing skills, it not only quickly transforms you into a gorgeous person but also has an active social component that enables you to share fashions, follow other users, browse, and rate highlighted goods.

Directive Games Limited Apps

An AR and mixed reality technology and entertainment firm called The Directive Games Ltd makes use of AR technologies for apps for iOS or Android. Your phone or tablet will become a battleground as a result.

The game requires players to physically move around the phone screen in order to deploy their troops and aim at super weapons while controlling a machine army to destroy their foe. In practice mode, players may practice and learn. When they are ready, they can compete against other players online or locally with friends. To create this kind of application, you may engage Indian iOS app developers and Android that are knowledgeable in augmented reality.

Euclidean Skies

Based on the popularity of Euclidean lands, it is an immersive puzzle adventure game that alters the player’s perception of reality. Here, it would help if you used a mix of deft maneuvers and spinning at the same level to lead an explorer through puzzles and hazardous opponents.

Euclidean Skies, like its predecessor, has an augmented reality option that lets you see the action from a different angle by projecting the level and its characters into your living space.


Due to its superb demonstration of the potential of augmented reality as a gaming medium, Arise is one of the most amazing augmented reality applications. With ARise, puzzles from the ambient platform are shown in the AR environment, which you can then explore and engage with.

With ARkit, you can transform practically any environment into a play area, unlike typical augmented reality experiences. This includes your house, the bus stop, and the break room at work.

Smash Tanks

Smash Tanks transforms your tablet into a battlefield, allowing you to hurl your soldiers across the battlefield to defeat the opposition while controlling cartoon tanks in an augmented-reality combat area.  

There are several ways to play, including single-player, hot seat (or local) multiplayer, and simple physics-based gaming. Smash Tanks plays equally well inside or on a living room floor as outdoors, in contrast to more complicated AR experiences.


Thyng is a collection of tools for building custom augmented reality experiences. With these tools, you can create effects like hanging films and images in midair, putting dynamic objects and 3D models on surfaces and targets, and more. After that, you may take pictures of your work or make 30-second films.

The software is accessible on Android and iOS, using ARCore and ARKit. The best iOS app development businesses can produce more of these applications.

IKEA Place

IKEA, a global leader in furniture, has already tested augmented reality in its catalog applications. But, the IKEA Place app is a noticeable advancement that makes use of AR development tools to make it simple for users to picture a range of objects. In your house, IKEA furniture designs.

Users scan their floor plan with their phone, then use the app as a viewer to choose furniture styles and drag and drop them into position.


Augmented reality is one of the most well-liked platforms for interacting with environments and people that appear genuine. Companies from practically every vertical sector are trying their hands at using Augmented Reality applications. This trend will only continue as long as AR keeps pumping many new and exciting apps into our life.

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