Ten Ways to Make Your Fit-Out Easier

Relocating is widely acknowledged to be one of life’s most stressful events, and preparing your new office space is no exception. But how do you even begin? You want your move or renovation to go off without a hitch, whether you’re going somewhere new or simply making some changes to your present space with interior fit-out contractors London.

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Here are our Top Ten Suggestions For a Successful Office Renovation

Make A Plan

You should expect bumps along the road, even during the best relocations, and plan accordingly. It’s possible that your existing location is just fine and that making more efficient use of the space there would be beneficial. If you’re planning a move, allow yourself plenty of time to set up your internet, phone, and other services. Having internet or phone issues after moving home is the last thing you need. Be careful to schedule the installation of your telecommunications systems as soon as feasible.

Find the Right Expert 

Finding the right fit-out partner is essential. You should interview them to determine if you feel comfortable working with them; you should also check out their reputation in the field; you should verify that they have experience working with businesses like yours; you should also examine their knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations and seek their guidance on health and safety matters. Your gut feeling about someone’s workability will be spot on, but it never hurts to learn as much as can about them. Verify that you have complete confidence in your contractor of choice. Contact one of the leading interior fit out contractors London today. 

Project Fit-Out Manager 

Assign a project manager to supervise the redesign of the workplace and the dissemination of relevant information to employees. Employees need to feel encouraged and educated, and it’s more convenient if there’s a single point of contact for all of their inquiries and issues. Dedicate a “Fit-Out Champion” to the cause.

Make A List 

Pay close attention to the particulars and compile a thorough inventory of every task, no matter how huge or minor. Something as seemingly unimportant as not having enough waste cans around the workplace might end up slowing things down and costing the business money. Take care not to overlook the little details.

Details To Note 

You should examine all legal matters with a magnifying lens. Do a quick check on your current lease’s conditions. Will your office be inside a historic landmark? Does it fall inside a protected ecosystem? This is something you need to think about. Is permission from the landlord required for renovations? If so, it must be obtained before construction may begin. Be careful to review the lease agreement and the building’s condition.

Planning A Budget 

When it comes to making a budget, you find yourself at an impasse. It’s hard to determine how much money you’ll need unless you know what it is you desire. Because this is likely to be a substantial investment that comes around once every five to ten years, it’s crucial to set reasonable expectations for the amount you can put toward it. Keep in mind that the office fit-out is also a chance to convey the company’s identity and establish a company culture. Always acquire many quotes for major purchases (even the proverbial “kitchen sink”).


Changing the location or structure of your workplace is a good time to evaluate how much space you really need for your files. Have you exhausted your options? Can you tell me whether Jo in accounting uses every single shelf in that huge closet/office? Is everyone at work making the most of the space they have at their desks? Now is the time to assess whether or not you’re optimizing your office’s square footage, and to clean things up a little. Think carefully about how much space you really need.

Reuse, Or Not Reuse

This is the big question. Do you intend on making use of the up-to-date pieces of furniture now at your disposal, or would you want to have new pieces delivered?

Even if the workstations and chairs are in fine shape, updating the appearance of the lobby can be worthwhile. To incorporate previously owned furniture into the new design scheme, it is necessary to do a thorough inventory of all relevant pieces.

Consider the price tag before making any purchases. Verify that you have a firm grasp on what is being recycled and what is being replaced.

Embrace Remote Working 

Because of Health and Safety concerns or malfunctioning technology/telephone systems, employees may need to relocate temporarily while workplace renovations are underway. How can we fix this? Working from a distance, maybe at a temporary office or even from your own home? It’s important to consider the worst-case scenario and make preparations for it so that you’re not caught off guard if it really occurs. Put together a temporary work strategy.

Be Sure To Double-Check Everything

It goes without saying that you need to double-check the condition of your new digs before the contractor gets to work and again after you move in for good. Can you open and shut each and every one of the windows? What about the rear door, does it close properly? Do the toilets work properly? Can you tell whether any of the ceiling tiles have been damaged by water? Do you have any keys? Is the alarm working properly? Who has the key to the safe? Do you have any keys? Who can set off and disable the alarm and how do they do it? Verifying that all of your systems are operational upon arrival at your new workplace helps determine whether or not the relocation was successful.

Always undertake a thorough examination and double-check your systems. It’s time to rejoice now that you have a shiny new workplace to flaunt your hard work in. Gather your clientele for an open house event to showcase your new digs. To reach the widest audience possible, it’s important to use social media to spread the word. Tweet it, share it, and take pleasure in it.

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