Starting A New Home Renovation Project? Book A Skip Hire In Lincoln Today!

A small-scale building and construction job, such as a home renovation project, generates ample waste material and debris. Disposing of the rubbish without dumping it in landfills or polluting the surroundings can be challenging. Opting to skip hire in Lincoln allows you to get rid of the trash effectively. Skips are also a great solution while spring cleaning and home decluttering. 

Why hiring a skip in Lincoln is a smart move?

Skips are convenient for numerous reasons and great for home renovations. Here are four reasons for skip-hire in Lincoln

  1. You have to hire the skip and throw the debris after proper segregation. You do not have to dispose of the waste. The rental company offers that service.
  2. Your workspace is clean and tidy at all times. Since there is a designated place to dump all the trash, you also reduce the chances of accidents and falls near the renovation area. 
  3. Since the skip rental company throws out the trash, you do not have to do any heavy lifting. 
  4. Skip hire in Lincoln is easy and convenient. Once you place an order, the skip is delivered to the location in no time, so you can effectively discard the renovation debris. 

However, hiring a skip is not enough. You must know which skip to order based on the magnitude of the project, as well as how to dump the trash properly so it does not harm the environment.  

How to effectively use a skip?

If you want to use the rental skip optimally, then the first step is to segregate the waste materials and dispose of them methodically. The primary types of waste allowed in skips are bricks, concrete, soil and rubble. These materials do not damage the environment, and therefore it is okay to put them in the skips.

Another common waste category in home makeovers is flammable items such as electrical wires, tins, oils and paints. These are easily extinguishable and should not be thrown into a skip. If the instructions provided by the skip rental company are not followed, it can cause significant damage to the surrounding and flout an effective waste disposal plan.  

Different types of skip hire in Lincoln:

Depending upon your requirements, there are four kinds of skip that you can hire:

  1. A mini skip can suffice if it is a small house or a minor renovation project. It holds up to 2 cubic yards of waste.
  2. A midi skip can hold up to 4 cubic yards, which is ideal for slightly elaborate repair and refurbishment. 
  3. A builders’ skip is usually delivered on the back of an articulated lorry and holds around four cubic yards, but it comes with wooden sides and is slightly wider than the standard size.
  4. The fourth is the largest skip, the industrial-size skip. It can hold up to 12 cubic yards and requires two or three men to lift it.

These are the four types of skip that you can hire. Knowing the nature and scope of the renovation is essential so you can order the perfect-sized skip. 

Making Your Home Makeover Easier With Van Hire In Yorkshire:

You already know how to eliminate waste materials by hiring a skip. But what about the new furniture and home decor you just bought? Now ditch the extra transportation expenses, delivery charges, and hidden costs, and drive home your new goods by hiring a van in Yorkshire. Pay a fixed fee and utilise the van optimally. Use it to run errands and pick up and drop off goods anytime. Van hire in Yorkshire also comes in handy if you want to relocate and shift goods from one place to another. You are no longer dependent on the company to deliver your products or make plans according to their schedules. 

Commercial Vehicle Hiring With TG Commercials:

From skips to vans, TG Commercials offers a wide array of vehicles to choose from, making your home renovation project a cakewalk. The transports are selected by their experts to fit your needs perfectly. They maintain transparency in their costs and hiring process, so you have to look no further. Get in touch with them to rent your first commercial vehicle today. 

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