Rockspace AC1200 extender Login Not Working

To perform Rockspace AC1200 setup and update its firmware, you need to log in to the Rockspace extender via re.rockspace.local. However, many users report that while logging in to Rockspace AC1200 extender, they get re.rockspace.local not working issue. In this post, we will provide you instructions following which troubleshooting the issue will be fun as playing capture the flag for you. Hence, keep reading!

Fixed: Rockspace AC1200 extender Not Working

Fix 1: Check the Web Address Entrée

Unfortunately, if you get re.rockspace.local not working issue, then it might be because of typos in the web address. For fixing it, cross-check the web address and ensure that it is entered without typos. To prevent typing errors, we have a solution! And, that is using the copy-paste technique. What you need to do, copy the web address, re.rockspace.local and paste in the browser’s address bar.

Moreover, if you use the browser’s search bar, then also you will experience the issue. Hence, it is not recommended to put the search bar in use. If you do so, then you may not be logged in to your Rockspace AC1200 login page but there are chances that you are taken to third-party web page.

After applying this fix, see if you are able to troubleshoot the issue. In case your answer is a big no, then don’t scroll away. The next fix will help you.

Fix 2: Verify Your Internet Connection

The second fix you need to apply is to verify your internet connection. Yes, that’s true! Because of an unstable or poor internet connection, the web address, re.rockspace.local may not work for you. Thus, you need to contact your internet service provider and confirm if everything is fine from his end.

Fix 3: You Need to Update the Browser

Is the web browser you are using up-to-date? If not, then you have the reason in hand behind getting the issue. Therefore, it is suggested to update the current web browser you are using to access the default web address of your Rockspace AC1200 extender.

Still no luck? If so, then keep some important points outlined below into consideration.

  • Avoid using the private window.
  • Wipe out browsing history as well.
  • Update the device’s software you are using to access the Rockspace extender’s web address.

Fix 4: Restart Your Rockspace AC1200 extender

Technical glitches with your AC1200 device also cause re.rockspace.local not working issue. So, for fixing this, you need to restart your device.

For instructions to restart your Rockspace AC1200 extender are as follows:

  • Unplug your Rockspace extender and turn it off.
  • After turning off the extender, wait for a short while.
  • Now, you can turn the AC1200 device back on.

And, that’s it! Your Rockspace AC1200 WiFi range extender is successfully restarted. Here’s to hope that you now have the fix in hand you are looking for to troubleshoot the issue.

If not, then you might want to try the other hack.

Fix 5: Check the Rockspace AC1200 Extender Connection

Chances are that the connection between your Rockspace AC1200 WiFi extender and router is not stable. Please check the same in order to verify. Just in case, you find instability in the AC1200-router connection, do the following:

  • First things first, disconnect the Ethernet cable connecting your devices.
  • Thereafter, restart your devices one by one. If you have already power cycled your AC1200 (as we have asked you earlier to do), please do it once more.
  • Relax! Take a deep breath!
  • Now, turn on your devices. We suggest you turn on your router first and then your Rockspace AC1200 extender.
  • Reconnect them using a working Ethernet cable that has no deep cuts or damages.
  • Try to access re.rockspace.local again.

On the other hand, if you have connected your devices wirelessly, ensure that both of them are placed in close proximity. No interference-creating WiFi obstructions like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, Alexa devices, and so on should be placed within the reach of them.

Once you are done applying this fix, if the web address has started working for you, then without much delay, log in to it, set it up and update its firmware right away (if not done yet).

The Last Words

And, with this last fix, we are going to end this post. We hope that the fixes mentioned here help you rack up re.rockspace.local not working issue success. If so, let your fellow readers know your review about this post. More- How to Set Up the Rock Space Repeater with Cat 6 Cable?

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