Information about Major Subject in Economics

Major Economics students get the ability to evaluate human interaction and decision-making. Economic theories apply to various issues, from small-scale decisions to large-scale international affairs. Students majoring in economics may have exposure to various research methodologies, policymaking processes, quantitative analytic tools, and other topics.

Subject topics in economics

The Department of Economics organizes its research into a variety of specialized study areas, including:

Labour Economics

Research in labour economics may focus on macro-level issues like labour supply and unemployment or micro-level issues like the factors that determine human capital. Our labour economists focus on the micro level and emphasize reliable empirical techniques.

Financial Economics Financial economics is a broad field that covers the legal, regulatory, tax, and governance frameworks that surround the financial system and essential topics like asset pricing, risk management, and corporate governance.

We have a reputable team of financial economics researchers. The team has established a strong Nordic network and works with all major Nordic institutions and all major Swedish universities.


Time series econometricians, who heavily overlap with macroeconomists and a handful of financial economists at the department, make up the research group in econometrics, along with some micro econometricians who work mostly in labour and health economics. Some theoretical econometricians are also present. Although other departmental researchers use econometrics in their work, they fall outside the purview of their fields of expertise.

International economics and economics of development

The subjects of development economics and international economics are intertwined in their efforts to address issues fundamental to the study of economics. The Department of Economics prioritizes research in these two areas and undergraduate and graduate courses.

International Economics examines the origins and effects of economic interactions between nations, such as trade and foreign direct investment. The department has a history of researching these topics concerning European economic integration.

Medical Economics

The application of economic theories and practices to health is known as health economics. The Health Economics group conducts various scientific and applied research on the complex interaction between economic and health-related variables and behaviours.

The group’s studies shed light on the need for health by, among other things, looking at the effects of obesity, alcoholism, and other harmful behaviours and chronic diseases. The group also investigates economic variables’ macro and micro-level effects on early life and adulthood, considering possible negative effects on health during booms and recessions.

The Health group also looks into the incentives and management of public and private health care, as well as the management of health systems in terms of the effectiveness of health care products and the allocation of resources among social classes. Successful research on the techniques and applications of economic assessments of medical technology and prevention is also carried out by the Health department.


The study of macroeconomics has a long tradition among us. One area of research is on fiscal and monetary stabilization strategies and how globalization and the expansion of the finance industry affect a small open economy’s capacity to implement autonomous stabilization strategies. Studies on the connection between monetary policy and inequality in the context of low interest rates are also included in this research. The department’s macroeconomic research combines theoretical and empirical studies.


Microeconomics examines how families, businesses, and other economic actors behave and interact with various types of economic institutions. There is a sizable and active group of researchers working on various issues in the microeconomics research group.

One division focuses on social choice theory and market/mechanism design. The main areas of research are the construction of strategy-proof procedures, auction design, voting rules, and the supply of public goods. Another active group of scholars analyses player behaviour and game decision-making using empirical and experimental methodologies. Research themes include decision-making under risk and uncertainty and collaboration and communication in games. Public economics, industrial organization, and cooperative and non-cooperative game theory are further research fields.

Economics of Public and Institutions

Over the last 60 years, public and institutional have had a solid reputation within the department. The early Swedish research in the field and the sizable public sector that resulted from establishing the welfare state first sparked interest in the subject.

Numerous applications to fields including industrial organization, taxes, pension systems, health economics, and labour economics have been made, in addition to major theoretical contributions to the of natural resources, taxation, and the notion of justice as fairness.

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