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How to wear Rudraksha for its astrological benefits

Rudraksha: An Introduction

It is the result of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree. It is known as a holy beads and is a popular ornament worn by sages, astrologers, and other spiritual entities. Hence, In all religious rituals, large and small. Then worshipped not only by Hindus, but also by other religions for its scientific and astrological benefits.

Rudraksha, which is believed to be made from the tears of Lord Shiva, has been around for ages. So, It is believed to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Rudraksha can be found mainly in India, Nepal, and Indonesia. There are 21 different types of Rudraksha, each with its own purpose and treatment aspect. They can be distinguished by the Mukhi (the Mukhi on the surface).

Hence, Rudraksha, a powerful ornament that is full of energy, cannot be worn by weak-hearted people. It is well-known that it can heal the mind, body, soul, and health. Therefore, Before you wear it, consult an expert astrologer. The expert astrologer will review your birth chart to determine if you should wear it and how. Don’t try to wear it by yourself, it could have a negative effect. Your Daily horoscope analysis is very important in your life if you believe in astrology. You can also check and analyse your planet’s compatibility with Rudraksha during horoscope reading.

How to wear Rudraksha to Get Astrological Benefits

  • You must purchase a rudraksha from your own money and not someone else’s money in order to wear it.
  • You must get any type of rudraksha energised first by a priest, sage or experienced astrologer before you can wear it. If it isn’t energised, there is no point in wearing remedial ornaments. So, It loses its purpose
  • Once you’ve reenergized your body, it is time to perform a Pooja and wear it the next day.
  • It is best to avoid wearing it at sensitive events, such as funerals.
  • Don’t touch the beads if you have dirty hands
  • If you’re wearing beads, avoid eating non-veg.
  • While praying, always clean and oil the rudraksha
  • There are many types and brands of rudraksha on the market. So, You need to ensure you choose the correct one according to the Mukhi.
  • Don’t forget to pray to Lord Shiva regularly

The benefits of wearing Rudraksha

  • This stone is for those who see the redemption in their lives and have suffered from sin.
  • It negates the negative effects of malefic planets on your birth chart
  • It gives the wearer energy and power
  • It reduces stress, hypertension, and blood pressure
  • It improves concentration and memory
  • It can be used to treat all types of skin diseases, including smallpox.
  • It can treat epilepsy and poisoned injuries
  • It acts as a shield to protect the wearer from negative energies
  • It provides stability, support, and settlement for nomadic peoples.

Rudraksha benefits from Zodiac Sign

Therefore, The effectiveness of rudraksha will be increased by wearing it according to the Your Zodiac sign and also after analyses of your janam kundali by date of birth and time in hindi. This will increase the impact of benefic planets in your life. As a result, It brings positivity and reduces anger.

Mythologically, Rudraksha is a valuable medicine that helps to manage the unpredictable behavior of all planets. Rudraksha has many effective remedies. So, This powerful remedy has been used to treat many problems related to health, zodiac signs, and astrological significance.

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