How to Set Up the Rock Space Repeater with Cat 6 Cable?

Many tech-savvy users out there look for a reliable networking device that provides them access to a high-speed internet connection 24×7. Well, installing a Rock space repeater can help them out. But, considering the fact that wired connections are more dependable than wireless ones and a Category 6 cable facilitates data transmission up 1Gbps, users prefer performing Rockspace WiFi extender setup using this very cable. Have you also got a Cat 6 Ethernet cable and are looking for the instructions to install your repeater with its help, then we’ve got you covered.

Look no further than the instructions highlighted in this post. However, before you start following them, we want to give you a word of caution. Avoid using a damaged Cat 6 cable for connecting your networking devices. Using it might cause internet connection issues during the repeater setup process.

Before starting with the repeater’s installation instructions, we would like to tell you that you’ll need an already configured gateway, the default username and password of your Rock Space repeater, a computer, and of course, your Cat 6 cable for setting up your repeater.

Steps to Set Up Rock Space Repeater with Cat 6 Cable

Step 1: Connect Your Repeater and Gateway

Starting with the establishment of a connection between your Rock Space wireless repeater and the main gateway, consider laying your hands on Cat 6 cable. Insert one end of the Cat 6 cable into the repeater’s Ethernet port and another into the main gateway’s port. Be sure that you do not create a loose connection. And yes, the chosen Ethernet ports must be working.

Step 2: Load an Internet Browser

Time to rope in a computer to proceed further with the installation of your repeater! Therefore, switch it on and ensure that it is getting the proper power supply. After that, load an internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can proceed with the one that is your favorite. But, ensure that the one you select is not running on an obsolete software version plus it must not be accumulated with cache, cookies, and search history.

Step 3: Access Rock Space Repeater Login Window

As soon as the internet browser seems ready to use, consider making your way to the address field. Once you reach there, input re.rockspace.local and press the Enter key. Be certain that you are not entering the address incorrectly as well as not into the search bar of the web browser. With the successful assessment of the web browser, the rockspace local login page will appear before you. In other words, the Rockspace login window will make its way to your computer screen.

Step 4: Enter the Rock Space Repeater Details

On the admin window of your Rock Space repeater, you will be asked to input the default password along with the username of the WiFi device. So, enter the required details into the given fields. This is to inform you that the default admin info of your Rock Space repeater is case-sensitive. Thus, be very careful while typing it. As soon as you are done with the password and username entree, select Log In.

Step 5: Go Through On-Screen Prompts

Now that you’ve clicked the Log In button, you will be able to see the Rockspace WiFi repeater dashboard on your computer screen. Once there, a number of prompts will appear before you. Walk through them carefully to get the setup process completed. However, before that, select the network you wish to extend.


Setting up a Rock Space repeater with the help of a Cat 6 cable. It helps to boost the internet speed of the existing networking device to a much greater extent. We’re hopeful that after you’re done following the instructions mentioned here. Your Rockspace repeater will be able to serve you with the extended network Rockspace_ext.

Also, once your extender gets configured, consider upgrading its firmware to improve its security and performance. Moreover, assign a new admin password to your extender so that no unauthorized user can access the dashboard. It make changes to your home network’s settings. You can also disable the SSID broadcast of your Rockspace WiFi repeater in case you want to step ahead with the home network’s security. Thanks for reading the post. Read more.

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