How To Schedule Tweets

Tweet scheduling operates just as you might anticipate. The tweet is written now, but it is sent at a later time. The feature was introduced by Twitter in 2020, but as it is only accessible via the web app, users who typically access Twitter on their phones would not have even known it existed. It is no longer necessary to purchase a third-party application, or plugin, or pay for a tweet scheduling service because Twitter now allows users to schedule tweets directly from the website.

Although there are still useful Twitter apps, the process as a whole has improved greatly in recent years. Consequently, how do you plan tweets on Twitter? Only a few steps are required.


1. The Benefits Of Scheduling Messages On Twitter

  1. You can benefit from the free tool on Twitter once you learn how to schedule tweets.
  2. Your ability to effectively manage your time has improved. Everything in your to-do list, primarily tweets, has a place.
  3. Twitter allows effective multitasking without sacrificing content. Your Twitter followers won’t be aware if you’re having a busy day at the office.
  4. You have stuff ready to share on Twitter come rain or shine.
  5. Your company saves time, which equates to financial savings.
  6. The effectiveness of time can be tested. You may then plan your future tweets at such times after determining when people respond to them the most.

2. Schedule Tweets With Desktop

* This function is only accessible on Twitter’s desktop edition. Just like you would normally, enter your tweet and any media, such as an image, video, GIF, emoji, or poll.

* To access the scheduling options, click the clock or calendar icon. If you need to determine different times around the world, you can set the date, time, and time zone to your preference. It appears that Twitter will automatically schedule a tweet for exactly five days from now.

* Your tweet will go out when you click Confirm in the top right corner.

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