How to Draw a Honeycomb

Would you enjoy realizing how to draw a honeycomb?

Whether you’re looking for a sweet snack or hoping to raise awareness of colony collapse disorder, we’ve got the cartoon drawing tutorial for you!

What is a honeycomb?

You may have seen this shiny, waxy substance in a jar of honey, but it originates from the hive. It is the bee’s storage container. They use it to contain pollen, honey, or eggs.

Not only bees use this unique natural product, but also people. We use it in cosmetics such as lip balm, makeup and hair products, candles, paints, to polish wood and leather, as a waterproofing agent for materials, and in place of plastic. It is also used in or to seal some food containers.

Honey is often an item in popular culture. For example, Winnie the Pooh is known for his affinity for honey. Sometimes he gets into trouble trying to steal the honey from the bees!

Honeycomb and bee designs are trendy in jewelry and home décor. Many clothing companies raise awareness of the need to protect bees by wearing these designs.

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Step-by-step instructions for drawing a honeycomb.

Step 1

Begin by drawing the geometric figures of the honeycomb. Draw three everyday hexagons, six-sided shapes in which all the lines are the exact size. Notice how the shapes fit jointly like a puzzle.

Step 2

Draw three more regular hexagons in the same pattern as the first one.

Step 3

Draw three better regular hexagons, this time below the current honeycombs. Witness how the regular bodies still fit together like a puzzle.

Step 4

Start detailing the honeycombs. Draw smaller regular hexagons inside three of them, parallel to the first.

step 5

Draw small regular hexagons inside two more honeycombs. These combs are empty, not yet filled with honey, allowing you to see inside.

Step 6

Draw curved lines, folded back on themselves, coming down from three of the combs. This is the dripping honey. Draw rounded rectangles and circles along the top and sides of the filled honeycombs. This displays the shiny monogram that keeps the honey inside.

step 7

Erase some of the lines from three of the honeycombs. They are so full and dripping honey together! Then draw a busy worker bee. Draw a rotation, an oval, and an inverted teardrop shape. This composes of the bee’s chair, thorax, and abdomen. shade the head

Then draw the wings. Extend curved lines from the back of the bug and fold them back on themselves, enclosing loose teardrop shapes.

step 8

Draw another bee. Again, circle the head. Draw a giant circle for the thorax and a tipped partial teardrop shape for the stomach and stinger. Extend curved lines from the sides of the insect and fold them in on themselves to form the wings.

step 9

Detail the bees. Band the abdomens with thick curved lines. Extend a straight line for each leg, then draw another straight line at an angle to indicate the joints. Texture the wings with branching curved lines.

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