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How to Create Unique E-invites for Your Wedding?

One of the most time-taking yet fun tasks in the process of wedding planning is choosing the right design for your wedding virtual invites. You have to be a little careful while doing that is because it sets the tone for everything.

It depicts what kind of wedding celebration you are going to have, what kind of lehenga you are going to wear!

Though it may sound seem like the most minuscule part of the wedding process, sometimes, certain things don’t go as planned in the case of invites.

Some goof-ups such as printer using the wrong paper, or the colour and font may be all wrong or even something gets misspelt and so on can happen. Therefore, people are switching to E-invites that has emerged as the quick fix to such goof-ups.

With all things going digital, people are not getting more and more inclined towards e-invites as they are convenient, easy on the pocket and helps you save paper too… .

If you are also thinking of sending such an invite but at the same time want your invites to stand out then here are some tips on how you can do that easily…

Go the minimalist way for getting the unique e-wedding cards

If you are not a fan of anything OTT and also going for a minimalist approach for your wedding then you should go for something simple yet chic as your wedding invite. Go for something adorable that is also straightforward at the same time.

All you need to do is choose a nice colour matching the theme of your wedding and add all the necessary details of the event.

Something that matches the theme of your wedding or other functions

There are times when people choose different themes for their functions such as sangeet, engagement, mehendi . As well as a wedding so you can get different e-invites designed for every function. They can be of the same colour as the colour theme of your wedding. These will make them more personalised and entice people to look forward to your specific function.

Invite with a glimpse of your pre-wedding shoot

People who love giving a personalised touch to everything can go for something like this. To make your e-invite look filled with love and personalisation .

Then you can use your pre-wedding pictures as backgrounds and get designed some gorgeous invites for your wedding. This is a creative way to add your personal touch and use the pictures for something more than social media. These images can also be sued for a countdown to the big celebration.

Make it peppy with some illustrations 

Certain people have a quirky side and love making things a little goofy and fun. If you are also one of those that you can easily show that side of yours in your wedding virtual invites as well. The most brilliant as well as a beautiful way to do it is by adding caricatures to it. It’s not a great way of making them cute but also personalizing them in a fun way. Doing this will also add a touch of warmth and humour to it. Above all, it will be super fun to have a cartoon version of you, on your invite.

Going traditional with the design 

This approach is something that never gets old and is a non-risky one at the same time. Wedding virtual invites used to be designed in a very traditional way.

Such designs can also be printed and they are designed with vibrant colours that add that touch of oomph to the traditional elements. The motifs designed on them also make them attractive.

An invite with the digital painting of the colour

For the lovers of cutesy things, this one is for them. You can go for a cute digital painting of you and your partner. This is a great example of the plethora of things that can be done with your wedding e-invites. You can even add the traditional elements to such a design and being an e-invite. It will also incorporate modernity in the invite. Such an invite will give you a chance to experiment with the invite.

Invite capturing the mood of the destination of the wedding 

This could be the perfect choice for the people going to an exotic location for a wedding like a palace in Rajasthan or a beach destination or even at hills. You can add a glimpse of the place you have decided to get married at.

We hope this will help you get a unique design for your wedding invites.

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