How to complete 4000 watch hours on YouTube?

You all know that some social media accounts are created every day. So today, everyone chooses the social media platform according to their interest. And uses it for his benefit; if we talk about this, then 4000 watch hours on Youtube, so we will need to work very hard on our YouTube channel. With this, we can easily make a different identity in the world in less time.

Now let’s talk about how to complete 4000 watch hours on YouTube. Then I want to tell you if you will earn money from YouTube. So you have to monetize your YouTube channel for this. We can earn money quickly, but YouTube has a guideline for becoming a monetized channel. Our YouTube channel should have completed 4000 watch hours, and also we should have 1000 subscribers.

After that, our channel gets monetized. For this, we can use social daddy services. And you can grow youtube channel quickly.

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How do you get 1000 subscribers on youtube?

You all must have known that 4000 watch hours on YouTube can be a difficult task for us because we may have to face a lot of trouble in the beginning on YouTube. However, it is gaining much support as YouTube is an online social media platform for watching videos. On which you get to see videos related to all types of categories related to the country and the world anytime and anywhere.

From this, we can get an idea of ​​how high-quality social media platform YouTube is. And YouTube connects us with every news of the country and the world. And social media keeps us connected with each other easily, and if we are working hard on our social media. Then one day, our purpose will indeed be fulfilled.

So let’s now talk about how you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Then I want to tell you that two things are most important on YouTube. One is Views, and one is Subscriber if your views and subscribers are increasing. So your YouTube channel is growing, but if nothing like this is happening, then the channel will not succeed. As far as YouTube’s algorithm is concerned, there is no reward or play button if you have 1k subscribers. And YouTube has made one thing more clear. That who have 10k subscribers also will not get any award. If you want a YouTube play button, you must have 1 million subscribers.

Why does YouTube require 10-minute videos?

To complete 4000 watch hours on YouTube, we need 10-minute videos because we have to monetize our channel to earn money from YouTube. Which cannot be done without completing 4000 watch hours in which everyone is interested today. Because YouTube is an online social media platform. In which you get to watch all kinds of videos online.

And today, there are channels of big companies on YouTube. Who has already completed 4000 watch hours on YouTube his channel? Due to this, people’s interest in them increases. It remains to be seen what else we get with the help of YouTube. That is why the second largest search engine after Google has been named YouTube, where millions of searches are done daily.

So let’s now talk about why YouTube needs 10-minute videos. Then I want to tell you that when your YouTube channel gets monetized. Then YouTube ads start running on your video, and hence YouTube likes 10-minute videos. Which YouTube can run ads according to what is inside this video. If your video is in seconds, then your earnings will start decreasing. So whenever we upload our videos on YouTube, there should be videos ranging from 5 to 10 minutes.


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