How Long Does It Take PhD Student To Write A Doctoral Dissertation?

1. How Long Does It Take To Cover Different Milestones Of A Doctoral Dissertation?

Writing a doctoral dissertation is no less than a blessing, as it is a great opportunity to have a good hand in research skills. PhD is the highest level of education which demands high-quality research and content to meet the right ends of study in an effective way. You are supposed to observe everything in a critical way, as it is necessary to get in-depth information on every element of research. You have to spend a long time on PhD dissertation to ensure the high quality of every bit of information, accurate analysis and precise results to make an actual conclusion. In order to meet the right end results, you have to spend at least four years. In these four years, do excellent research and evaluate brilliant results. Let’s make discussion on the whole process of a doctoral dissertation and the time required for it.

Write A Doctoral Dissertation

How Long Does It Take To Cover Different Milestones Of A Doctoral Dissertation?

Following are the important milestones that you have to cover for a doctoral dissertation in a particular time duration:

Find the Best Area of Research  

Many students find it difficult to complete their degree because of the area of research. Getting a doctoral dissertation on time can be made easy by having an effective area of research. You must have a good interest in the topic of research. Otherwise, you would not be able to ace the milestone.

You have to spend quality time on research. It is better to be careful about it because you have to deal with the selected research area for a long time.

Find the Best advisor at the doctoral level. 

The selection of a research advisor is the foremost task. You must go for an advisor that has the same area of interest for research. This step will help you reduce most of the research challenges. Also, you can have a better guide for many problems. It is a good opportunity to build a constructive relationship with your advisor that can facilitate you in the long term. A good relationship with your advisor can work well to energize you.

Make the First Draft of Doctoral Dissertation.

The first draft is focused on research and its quality. The rest of miscellaneous tasks are covered while making the final draft. You have to do research and then write a doctoral dissertation, so it may include two to three years. Writing a dissertation does not require a long time, but research work does. So, you have to wait for the completion of the research milestone and collect quality content.

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The introduction is first major chapter of a doctoral dissertation. In writing a PhD thesis, you should also follow the same strategy. The introductory chapter of your PhD thesis should be compelling, which can motivate readers to read the rest of your thesis. It should explain the main goals and sufficient background information for a better understanding and acknowledgement of the previous work. After that, conclude introduction with a scope of study. 

Literature Review

Literature review is the most challenging chapter of doctoral dissertation. Due to the nature of writing, it requires you to spend some extra time on it. That is why there is need to allocate long weeks to this chapter. You need to collect the sources, evaluate them, and then write the review. So, it takes long time to complete this chapter. Hence, you must spend the time in the form of months for writing the literature review. 


With the help of methodology in PhD thesis, you try to convince the readers that your research is helpful. It should contribute something new to your subject area. To write a doctoral dissertation, you have to gather a huge amount of data either by adopting a qualitative or quantitative research methodology. The research methodology chapter will provide complete details about data collection method. Again, you have to spend three to four months for designing methodology, as whole of your research is dependent on it. Begin with the research methodology writing task by restating your research questions, then you should develop your overall approach (either qualitative or quantitative) by establishing your overall methodological approach. After that define your gathered data and explain why you have not used other research methods. Furthermore, cite all the sources that are contributing to your choice of research methodology. Apart from all that, describe how to analyze the results and explain whether your findings are generalized or transferred.

Analysis and Results 

After conducting in-depth research to write a PhD thesis, you will find some new things. These are known as the findings of your PhD thesis. These findings should be written in the results section of PhD thesis. The results section of doctoral dissertation explain whether you have achieved the required goals or not. Summarize the findings of your research into clear and concrete statements of facts. This section does not take much time, as you are done with research now and its all about writing the results.


Write the last chapter of doctoral dissertation and conclude whole research. Proofread the first draft, mark mistakes and edit the doctoral dissertation. Submit this draft to your advisor and ask for feedback. Take every feedback constructively and make amendments to your dissertation. After amendments, you are ready to make the final draft of dissertation. This final draft can be shown to senior researchers. You can also ask PhD dissertation help to assist you in making an effective final draft.

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Final Thoughts

At PhD. level, you have to spend three to five years on research. So, you can see the work done on research needs more detailed discussion. You have to go for at least a twenty-five thousand word count, based on your research detailed you can go beyond that. The doctoral research can be made a pie cake by following the discussed points. It is better to design different milestones and assign a particular time to each milestone. In this way, you can make a good routine to work on your research project.

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