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Marketing is the process of presenting your product and services to your target market audience in the most effective manner. The main target of the marketing is to boost the sales of your company. Additionally, The prime concern of marketing is to inform the audience about the company’s products and services.

The marketing field has high career growth with a lucrative salary package. Moreover, Marketing courses help students in developing skills and knowledge that will help them to grow in this field. Marketing assignment help experts state that students need to work hard to crack marketing assessments, projects,  and homework assignments.

Importance of marketing in business 

Business marketing is very crucial for the expansion of the business. Moreover, Advertising and sales are two different departments. It is research-oriented planning and strategy outlining and implementation process. Likewise, It benefits a company in several ways. Some of them are:

  • Creating awareness about the product: marketing helps in introducing the product and creating awareness about it. This can be done through ads, campaigns, posts, events, etc.
  • Building trust: marketing enables companies to build trust with their customers. It aids in building a positive image of the brand.
  • Returning Customers: this also ensures that the old customers return and engage the new ones as well. This can be done by providing them with satisfactory customer care services and informing them about the offers, schemes, and discounts 

Marketing has become a backbone of the business that aids in generating revenue. Essay help Wellington enable students to write impressive marketing essay in the shortest possible time.

The Concept of 4 Ps 

Marketing has several theories and models that help students in learning the art and science of the marketing regime. The concept of the 4 Ps is one among them. This concept is also called the marketing mix concept. However, This aids the marketing management system in formulating marketing policies and strategies. This concept consists of product, price, place, and promotion.

  • Product: in this marketing concept, the product and its specifications are designed as per the market demand. This involves what the consumer needs, what others are offering, and many more.
  • Price: This involves fixing a maximum retail price. For this one needs to calculate the total manufacturing cost, packaging, production, and promotional cost too. This involves fixing the price by considering the market situation.
  • Place: this aspect of the marketing mix includes sections of the platform and places for the display and selling of the product. Likewise whether the product will be sold online or offline, in malls or by local vendors, etc. Subsequently, This is done to catch the attention of the targeted audience. Sites are selected based on the same strategy. 
  • Promotion:  it comprises informing the customers about the product, specifications, and its benefits in the most suitable way. Ads and campaigns are run through the specific medium from which you can easily attract consumers. Meanwhile, Ads and campaigns not only inform about the product but also aids in connecting with the customers.

These are the 4 main marketing components that help in outlining the marketing policy. Assignment help Wellington aid the students in comprehending the core concepts of the marketing mix.


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