Full guide to Kodachadri 

Trekking in Kodachadri :

Kodachadri trek allows you to travel through the lush shola forests of the western ghats. A paradise for those who want to trek through dense forests. There are many different plants and animals to discover at the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. The Kodachadri Trek is accessible from three base communities. Starting the trek from Nittur, Kattinahole, or even the Vallur side is an option.

Start your hike from the Kattinahole side of the village if you are driving your own vehicle to the base. Hidlumane Falls is where you can begin the trek, or you can continue on the jeep road all the way to the Kodachadri Top. Through the forest section, hiking is reasonably simple from the Vallur side. However, if you trek on this trail by yourself, you will miss out on one of the Hidlumane Falls’ main attractions. 

Nittur/Marakutuka to Last hut of Hidlumane :

Early in the morning, begin your walk. If you travelled overnight from Bangalore, you will arrive at Sigandoor or Marakutuka bus stops the next morning. If after Nittur you get off at Sigandoor, another official stop, walk back to the Marakutuka bus station. After walking a few hundred metres, you will arrive to this Marakutuka local bus station after crossing a small bridge. This would also be the recommended choice. To reach a tiny brook, you must hike another 2 kilometres, which takes around 30 minutes. When you cross this icy brook, your inner child comes to the surface. Watch out for the force of this stream if you are walking during the rainy season. Knee-deep water will be present.

Continue on the mud trail after crossing the stream. You will travel through several charming, small towns with wooden fences. A little community with dwellings dispersed and filled with paddy fields. Your trip already has beauty added to it thanks to the flora around these cabins and a peaceful rustic feel. The first indications of the hill ranges may now be seen to you forty minutes after the creek crossing. The lion-tailed macaque signboard greets you after a short while on the walk, and hornbills, treepies, and robins can be heard calling in the distance. At this point, you have entered the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. The last hut is actually traversed by the trail before continuing into the forest. You have the option to join here if you are trekking from the Katinahole side. 

Travel from the Last hut of Hidlumane to PWD Guest house/Bhattara Mane :

The trail leads past the final Hidlumane cabin. Before you approach the dense jungle, there are two hillocks surrounded by paddy fields and this wooden cabin. A little creek that supplies the fields may be seen as soon as you enter the woodland. To your right, a larger stream can be heard flowing, though. This water originates from the Hidlumane Falls. From this location, leeches spread outward in the next segment. The Shola woodland is now accessible to you. The main waterfall of Hidlumane Falls, which consists of seven separate waterfalls, cascades down from a height of 50 to 60 feet.

If you are trekking during or right after the monsoon season, it will take you no more than 30 minutes. When climbing up, be very careful and watch your step. It’s simpler to scale the first two waterfalls. As you ascend, the trail becomes obscured, slippery, and covered in moss. With climbing over fallen logs and rocks as well as crawling on all fours to hang onto the trees and branches, this segment is arguably the most challenging. We all enjoy the actual adventure that it is.You need to turn right here after you get to Hidlumane’s last or primary waterfall. The trail winds through some dense vegetation and is occasionally overgrown. You’ll encounter a boulder. You reach the jeep track after continuing on this trail for another 30 minutes. From the jeep track, head east to a well-known dawn location. This stage takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. If you prefer to wander a little, the point is worth the visit for the beautiful views. It sounds like the wind is flowing out of the valley as it blows.

Start trekking from Base of Kodachadri to reach the Peak of the Kodachadri :

The trail leading to the peak from Bhattara Mane is clearly signposted and planned out. The track will be visible heading south. You must pass a small fence or checkpoint guarded by wooden logs before moving on. Beyond this point, camping is prohibited. From this point on, the path is a true mud trail that leads to the temple.

Will reach a fork in the road after about 15 minutes of climbing, with one path leading to the left and the other to the right. You can reach the primary dawn location via the route on the left. You can reach the trek’s summit and temple by taking the trail to the right. The route to the summit is more of a ridge walk with a descent while hiking to the left. This area is well known for being fogged in and coated in mist. If the area is shrouded in mist, exercise caution when moving to the left.


You will arrive at the temple in about 15 to 20 minutes if you continue on the trail. You have arrived at the summit of the ascent.

A brief detour leads to a cave and temple on the right. While climbing to the peak or returning from the temple point, you can explore. The temple’s calm atmosphere makes it seem like the ideal spot to relax, think, and take in the view when at the summit. Enjoy the views of the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary and the beautiful hills that sweep in all directions.

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