Facebook Messenger Update – How to encrypt their group chats

The new encryption features in Facebook Messenger are now available to everyone: how to use them

Users of Facebook Messenger can now encrypt instant messages, group chats, and calls.

A little over six years ago, Facebook began testing end-to-end encryption (E2EE). The company now called Meta has taken all this time to finally introduce the optional privacy feature to everyone in Messenger. The company plans to make E2EE the default in Messenger, but that won’t happen until at least next year, and regulators will likely oppose it.

Logging in to Facebook Messenger securely

End-to-end production can be used in two ways:

  • Delete mode: Replace existing conversations with a new one where messages are automatically deleted when the window is closed.
  • Confidential conversations (debated first in 2016): You can turn on this when you start a new conversation by turning the lock icon in the corner.

You can use Facebook Messenger to encrypt your chats

For years, online privacy and security have been hot topics, and recent concerns have risen that some companies are tracking our data and spying on us. Encryption is the solution to this problem. Regardless of whether you have the best Android phone or not, you want to ensure that your data is secure. The Facebook Messenger for Android app now encrypts group chats end-to-end.

Keeping your conversations private is easy with this app. Follow these steps.

You can use Facebook Messenger to encrypt your chats

Do you know that the latest version of Facebook Messenger allows you to do private chat?


Messages are encrypted in transit between your computer and the server, as well as between the server and the recipient.

That part is secure. If, however, you mean secure from Facebook reading it then no. Facebook can always read your messages.

  • Messenger should now be open.
  • By clicking on the pencil icon in the upper right corner, you can create a new group chat.
  • Lock the window by clicking the lock icon in the upper right corner.
  • Encryption protects the chat
  • Choose your platoon members.
  • Create a chat name.
  • Make a new project.

Encryption from end to end is what it means.

The purpose of encryption is to keep third parties from seeing encrypted messages, which in turn protects them from hackers or even companies that run applications.

Facebook says the following about its Messenger application:

You can view and listen to your voice and video conversations from this device.

Only the people who have these special keys can read your messages or hear your calls – not even Facebook. No one could, not even us.

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What is the timeframe for using encrypted Facebook messages?

You cannot encrypt an existing group chat until you create a new one.

You will not be able to send encrypted messages to corporations, professionals, or new contacts, according to Facebook. Using compatible accounts, your friends will be filtered automatically when encryption is enabled.

Do encrypted Facebook Messenger chats support GIFs and other features?

GIFs, stickers, reactions, as well as long-pressing, are still available when you’re in an encrypted chat. People can identify authentic accounts with verified badges in encrypted chats.

There is a feature in encrypted chats in Q1 2022. As with Snapchat, you’ll be notified if someone captures your encrypted chat conversation.

All this has made that now FB Messenger is one of the reference channels for instant messaging (2 years ago it was not). They can control how they want that messaging ecosystem evolve as they own the 2 most used messaging channels nowadays.

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