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Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility Scores

In this article, we discuss the compatibility between Aquarius and Pisces. We will get to know from the viewpoint of both signs how well they fit together.

From the Aquarius Viewpoint

Pisces is a spiritual sign which can also be seen as psychic sometimes. You are a more free thinker and have an innovative approach to life. If compared, you are more intellectual, whereas Pisces is more emotional and intuitive. Hence they always make decisions using their intuition and heart, whereas you prefer decisions from your head and analysis.

Pisces is the most emotional sign in the zodiac cycle, which means you need to handle their emotional, vulnerable, and insecure side. There will be challenges in their relationship, and you both have to compromise to make it work.

Pisces will be a supportive and caring partner which you will be fond. However, their other side contains a needy, dependant, and emotional partner who will need your support constantly. They will be fragile and possessive at times when you would want to be more independent and if you do not take the relationship seriously. 

Pisces are giving that they give their whole in a relationship. However, reciprocation is difficult, which breaks them and pushes them away from people. Pisces will seem to have a pessimistic view of life and a depressed soul, which will be a co-dependent partner.

Hence there will be too many things to handle, making you frustrated at times. To Pisces, this relationship might also seem one-sided when their expectations are not understood by their partner. Pisces will react emotionally and illogically many times, which would make you question them.

Aquarius Pisces Sex

You are adventurous and want to try new things in bed. Pisces being traditional, might not be open to keeping up with you. They have their own insecurities and emotions which need to be shared first. Hence you will have to be patient and make them feel comfortable before they open up to you.

Pisces do not prefer fast sex, and they are more into candles, romance, cuddles, and building intimacy. You see sex as fun rather than an emotional or an expression of love. Pisces will always look for depth while getting intimate, whereas you might not look for such depth.

When not satisfied emotionally, Pisces tend to distance themselves without saying anything since they do not confront. They are incredibly loyal and will suffer the most if the relationship doesn’t work.

From the Pisces Viewpoint

Pisces, it’s not a match that will soothe your soul. You will find it less fulfilling many times and that they are not the partner you want. The relationship will hurt when your actions are not reciprocated or when Aquarius won’t understand your expectations.

Aquarius is not an emotional sign like you, and they are more rational, which makes them practical. In the long term, if other factors in the birth chart are not supportive, the relationship will leave you sore.

As per the Sun signs, the compatibility score is low. However, if other factors are supportive in the birth chart, it can work out.

Aquarius can be empathetic and understand your emotions if they have faced any trauma or similar situation. You need to also work on your self-confidence and shouldn’t build a co-dependant bond. However, if these situations are absent, you both tend to struggle with each other.

Aquarius will be fast, constant, and a creator of ideas. They want to lead the world and work for its betterment. They might have too much on their platter to seem aloof and distant. However, you are a very flexible person, and hence you will try to understand any situation and adjust accordingly.

In the short term, it won’t bring much pain; however, you will feel Aquarius distracted and away in the long term. They might be forgetful when they have many things to wrap up. Sometimes they might seem insensitive and harsh and are more interested in the common good than handling their relationship.

Hence it will take many adjustments and compromises from your side. You will be the one giving, and you get a partner in return who is mostly cold and analytical.

Pisces Aquarius Sex

Aquarius might not seem like a person who understands the emotional connection. They will love to have an adventure and try different things in the bedroom, but they might not be emotional and spiritual like you. They might not be slow, making sexual life unfulfilling for you. Your slow approach might also make you boring to them.

This can be solved by having a give-and-take approach in the relationship. Only if both sides compromise and understand each other, the relationship can work.

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