9 advantages an electric scooter has over a traditional vehicle

The electric scooter renaissance, which has been silently sweeping the nation for the past few years, has attracted an increasing number of participants. In truth, eScooter testing has only recently begun in a number of locations across the country in a bid to mitigate traffic and be greener.

But why don’t drive a car instead of using an electric scooter? Compared to a regular car, an electric scooter has many benefits, notably economy, convenience, and sustainability. In this post, we look at nine outstanding benefits of our electric scooter, the Ampere Go. Interested? Continue reading to learn more.


1 – Financial

The ordinary gasoline or diesel car is undoubtedly not as environmentally beneficial as an electric scooter. With its powerful 10AH 36V lithium-ion battery, the Ampere Go offers up to 35 miles of environmentally conscious mobility and can be recharged at the end of the day!

2. Lower cost of purchases

Even though owned used or with monthly installments, an electric scooter is generally less expensive than a car, making it more accessible to a broader market.

3. A decrease in operating costs

Along with being less costly to purchase, electric scooters are also significantly more affordable to run than conventional cars. You won’t need to pay for upkeep, services, or taxes, so the only cost you’ll encounter is the electricity required to recharge the battery.

4. Outstanding Accessibility

Compared to a regular car, e-Scooters are significantly smaller, have better accessibility, and are more maneuverable because they are made for a single rider. Even though they can fit down minor roads, along the pavement, on trails, and in bike lanes, they are a fantastic option for people searching for a straightforward way to travel around on a regular basis.

5. Basic Storage

The Ampere Go’s small size and collapsible design make it ideal for easy storage at the office or at home. They fit neatly into small areas, so you don’t have to think about such a parking, shed, or parking permit as you would with a traditional automobile.

6. Fundamental Transport

Another benefit of the small size is the ease of transportation. Whether riding the train, tube, or bus, your Ampere Go is easy to carry anywhere with you and is prepared to unfold, get it on, and get off whenever you arrive. Your electric scooter may also fit comfortably in the trunk of any car, making it perfect for a staycation.

7. Increased Safety

They are actually rather secure due to their diminutive size. These flexible eScooters are ideal for securely keeping inside your home, a storage corner, or your place of business when you’re not using them, in comparison to a large car. You always can keep a careful check on when it’s nearby, so you didn’t have to think about leaving it someplace.

8 – Health Benefits

An excellent way to begin the day is to go outside on an electric scooter and breathe in the fresh air. Despite the fact that the 350W High Torque motor provides most of the effort, these scooters nonetheless offer great exercise and balancing support.

9 – They’re Nice!

And finally, they’re fun! The smooth, trendy, and sophisticated design of an e-scooter make it a wonderful and enjoyable way to get around. Choose from the black and metal or the dark grey and green, Yjeos model that best suits you.

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