11 Ways to Encourage Honesty in Your Child

It is an untold truth that every child lies! Though in the beginning, these lies are harmless, if you do not correct this habit, they will soon hide big things from you. It is the deepest desire of every parent to instill honesty in their children, but they hardly try to find the reasons behind this habit. Understand that children lie only to avoid getting into trouble. If they know that they will not get scolded for telling the truth, they probably wouldn’t think about it. It is something that even the good schools in Noida emphasize. They encourage children to speak the truth and also suggest parents be open and welcoming towards their children when they accept their mistakes. 

11 ways to encourage honesty in children

Along with an educator’s efforts, parents also need to be equally involved in building this habit in their children. Listed below are expert ways that parents can use for the same. 

Speak the Truth

You need to set the right example in front of children if you want them to learn something. Thus, if you want them to speak the truth, make sure you also do not lie in front of them. Instead, say the hard truth before them so that they know that they have to be honest no matter how serious the situation is.

Don’t test them

Do not put your children to the test unnecessarily. People often ask situational questions to their children to check how they respond. Unfortunately, it is not a constructive thing to do because how children react to the tests doesn’t give assurance of their reaction in actual situations. 

Reward Truth

Bribing is definitely wrong, but a little reward or word of appreciation is helpful. It will teach children that they can say what they want confidently and honestly, and they will only get appreciated for doing that. 

Give positive Examples

Do not lecture children to adapt to this habit. Instead, tell them stories about honesty and let them learn through an example. Then, you can buy the storybooks and read them to your children to convey how honesty can prove beneficial. 

Make a deal

Children take small things very seriously. So, if they make a promise, they are likely to stick by it. Thus, the easiest way is to ask them to promise that they will never lie. Then, to strengthen the deal, appreciate them every time they keep their promise. 

Tell them you like their honesty

Most children lie because they feel their parents may feel bad or get angry about certain things. Therefore, it is crucial to convey that their truth will only make you happy, and you will not scold them for it. 

Don’t ignore the harmless lie

Small things become crucial if not dealt with on time. It stands true with habits also! If you ignore the trivial lies of your child, they will think it is not a big deal and will eventually start lying about big things. 

Discipline but never punish

If you catch your child lying about something, do not lose your temper. It is vital to discipline them and convey that they have not done the right thing, but do not give strict punishments. Punishments will increase the fear in a child and will only motivate them to hide their lies better in the future.

Do not intrude

Even your children require their space, and constant intrusion will frustrate them. It is true that parents only want to keep a close eye on their activity, but make sure your child doesn’t get irritated by it. 

Set Rules

One of the things that good schools in Noida do is setting simple rules and encourage students to follow them. These rules include being truthful in all situations, and as children follow all other rules at school, they also take this one seriously. 

Be Upfront

The modern Montessori international schools are all about doing whatever interests a child. They teach children to be upfront and speak their hearts out. Thus parents can choose to enroll their children into a Montessori school, and the educators there will help build this fruitful habit.

These are the simple tips to help every parent encourage honesty in their children and instill this fruitful personality trait into them. Honest children will do exceptionally well in their professional and personal life, and it will also help them adapt to any atmosphere.

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